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Auburn Community Hospital Honors OUR NURSES Auburn Community Hospital recognizes and honors the over 400 nurses that work in our Hospital network. Chances are the first encounter you will have when you come to Auburn Community Hospital or a physician’s office will be with one of our nurses. We want our community to know that no matter what brings you in, no matter which of our providers, offices, or medical services you may need, we’re all connected by more than just our name. We’re connected by our commitment to your health and our community. The impact our nurses have on our community is enormous. Our nurses are moms and dads, family members, friends and neighbors. You will see them at school events, local restaurants, grocery stores, churches and various other events throughout the area. They work in our community because it is extremely rewarding to take care of people who are friends and neighbors. Our nurses are part of a team that work tirelessly every day to achieve our mission of compassionate, quality care. The individuals on this talented team are not only our colleagues, but our friends, neighbors, and fellow community members. We are a team, and all of us share the goal of making sure a patient visit is the most positive experience we can deliver, together. Our message to our patients, friends and community leaders is that Auburn Community Hospital provides remarkable care every single day—24/7 and it all starts with our nurses. QUALITY CARE AND EXCELLENT PATIENT OUTCOMES start with THE NURSES AT ACH

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