Details for rate notice order #14657

PUBLIC NOTICE PSC No. 16 – Gas – Schedule for Gas Service PSC No. 19 – Electricity – Schedule for Electric Service PSC No. 18 – Electricity – Schedule for Electric Service (Street Lighting) On May 20, 2019, Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation (RG&E) filed with the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) a plan with testimony, exhibits and proposed delivery rate changes to the above referenced tariff schedules for service. The changes contained in that filing would increase annual delivery revenues by approximately $31.7 million (7.0% Delivery/ 4.1% Total) from RG&E’s electric operations and by approximately $5.8 million (3.3% Delivery/ 1.4% Total) from the company’s natural gas operations, to become effective April 2020. The PSC may approve, modify or reject any or all of the proposed tariff changes. . The complete RG&E filing may be examined on the company’s website (, or the PSC website ( These cases are open and public. Individuals may provide comments directly to the Secretary of the PSC or offer comments at a public statement hearing hosted by the PSC (Reference Case Nos. 19-E-0380, 19-G-0381). As the case proceeds, documents pertaining to the case are posted on the PSC website.

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