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giuseppe’s pizzeria
By Anora Nervina
October 20, 2019
Michael O’Leary knows what
he wants and he gets it. For the
past 10 years, the Owasco resident has been walking through
the doors of Giuseppes Pizzaria
in Auburn, ordering his favorite
slice of cheese pizza, getting his
fountain soda, and enjoying the
company that Giuseppe’s employees have to offer him. “This
gets me out of the house,” said
O’Leary. “It’s a friendly environment and I don’t even have to
order, they know what I want the
minute they see me come in.”
Craig Newert of Auburn was
looking for work three years ago
and happened upon an ad seeking help at Giuseppe’s. “I was just
looking for work, and had background experience with working
in the restaurant business,” said
Newert. “I was hired here at Giuseppes as an employee, and the
next thing I know, I’m helping to
run the place.” Newert has been
co-owner of the pizzeria since
2016 and believes the success of
the company has to mostly do
with what’s being served up fresh
daily. “I honestly think people
keep coming back because of
the quality of our food and the
selections we offer,” said Newert.
Guiseppe’s has a wide variety of
pizza, wings, sandwiches and
more on their menu. But one
dish, Newert describes as the
pizzerias signature item, is what
he believes has developed an interesting following. “Our chicken
wing pizza is definitely our most
popular item,” said Newert. “It’s
developed an almost cult-like
following. We have a gentleman
who was born and raised here
in Auburn but has since moved
to North Carolina. He comes up
every summer and orders our
chicken wing pizza uncooked to
bring home with him and enjoy
the taste of home down there. We
like to see that satisfaction in our
customers,” said Newert.
Since he joined the team at
Giuseppe’s, Newert believes that
type of customer satisfaction has
paid off. There has been a profit
increase of 70%, in sales which
Newert attributes to good morale among staff and a steady
flow of customers. “Everyone
here works really well together,”
said Newert. “Three years ago,”
he further explained, “the main
struggle with the operation was
finding and hiring dependable
staff members,” said Newert.
“Now, we have a dependable
staff of ten, and when you have
a good team, it makes the end result really pay off. It also helps to
have a consistent flow of regular
customers who just keep coming back,” Newert explained.
“I’ve worked in other pizza shops
before and I’ve never seen anywhere like here where you have
so many customers coming back

so often, so satisfied with our recipes,” said Newert.”We love our
existing clientele and are always
happy to welcome in and see new
faces who are eager to try us out.”
Newert further explained that
when original owner Giuseppe
Casamassa opened his first pizzeria in Auburn in 2000, he
brought with him recipes all the
way from Nepal, Italy, his birthplace. “We haven’t changed anything from the original recipes,”
said Newert. “The only thing
we’ve done is add a little more
variety to our menu.” The dinein, carryout and delivery shop offers hot subs, cold subs, calzones
and rolls, salads, and appetizers.
With over 16 pizza toppings to
chose from, and specialty pizzas
that include the most beloved
chicken wing pizza and most
recent addition, breakfast pizza
Located at 75 Owasco Street,
directly across from D&L Truckstop, in Auburn, Newert says
that the location of the shop also
works to benefit the operation.
“There really are no other pizza
shops on this end of town in Auburn,” explained Newert. “And
this is a very high traffic area, so
it’s easy for both people on the go
and our walk-in customers who
prefer to dine in,” said Newert.
Newert further noted that the
shop reaches maximum capacity usually during the holidays or
in the summer months. “We see
an influx in volume during the
beginning of the summer when
people are returning home from
school, or during the holiday
season when people just don’t
feel like cooking from home,”
said Newert. “Overall, we run a
pretty successful business, with
an even split between deliveries
and carry-outs, with weekends
sees us at our busiest.”
Asked about the future of Giuseppes Pizzeria, Newert explained that while it would be
nice to expand, the business,
realistically now wouldn’t be an
opportune time. “Maybe in a
few years if we were to expand,”
said Newert, “It would be great
to open another shop say out in
the Elbridge area or somewhere
relatively close like that. My best
of hopes would be to expand on
this location here, but that just
isn’t feasible at this time simply
because we would need so much,
like more staff, a bigger kitchen,
a larger pizza area and so on. For
right now, we are satisfied with
what we have running here.” said
Newert. “It’s about quality,” explained Newert. “We don’t serve
o.k. food. We serve great food
that speaks for itself.”
Giuseppe’s is open MondayThursday, 11:00 am-9:00 pm;
Fridays and Saturdays 11:00
a.m.-10:00 p.m. and Sundays
12:00 9:00 p.m. Call 315253-0999.

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