Details for CITIZEN PROMOS/FILLERS - Ad from 2019-11-06

Bridge By Phillip Alder


the answer comes one trick to late

Dealer: East
Vulnerable: Both
♥ Q J 10
♦ A K Q 10 8
♣ K Q 10 9


♠ A J 10 8 5 4 2






All Pass

Opening lead: ♥ 6
Jeff Nichols, a screenwriter
and movie director, said, “I thought
‘Mud’ would be such an easy film for
people to understand.”
Last week, I gave a deal in
which West was leading against four
spades with three low hearts, East
having opened one heart. I pointed
out that West should lead his lowest
heart even though he did not have an
honor in the suit. In partner’s unsupCOPYRIGHT: 2019, UNITED FEATURE SYNDICATE

ported suit, a high lead should be
from either a singleton or a doubleton.
This generated a few emails
asking why I had not mentioned MUD:
middle, up, down.
It is true that MUD enjoyed popularity when I was learning the game.
But twice at college, I had to decide
at trick two whether my partner had
led from a doubleton or a tripleton -as in today’s deal. (I got one right and
one wrong.)
Look at East’s problem when
West leads the heart six against four
spades. If that is from a doubleton,
East can take his top hearts, give his
partner a heart ruff and wait for the
setting trick with his trump trick. But
in this deal, where West has led from
a tripleton, East must shift to a club
at trick two. How does he know what
to do?
If West leads the heart two,
East has more chance of finding the
winning defense. If he knows that his
partner started with either a singleton
or a tripleton, his chances of finding
the winning play improve. It is much
harder when partner could have a
doubleton or a tripleton.
Give up murky MUD.

Wed., 11/6


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