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Business of the Week!
Ryan Phelps Auto Sales LLC
By Anora Nervina
December 1, 2019
When Ryan Phelps opened
his Auto Sales Shop in 2010,
he began his inventory with
two cars in stock. Since it’s
inception, the automotive
shop has grown to an inventory of over 60 vehicles to
choose from. “We have about
35 vehicles at our dealership,”
explained Phelps, owner and
operator of the Jordan based
auto sales shop. “There’s always another 20-25 vehicles
either being transported to
us, or at detail and repair
shops getting ready to go to
our dealership,” said Phelps.
Phelps explained that the
auto sales shop sells about 35
cars a month, which means
that they get a new car every
day, “leaving fresh stuff coming in daily,” said Phelps. The
shop gets most of their vehicles online, with about half of
their inventory coming from
out of state, and the cars are
almost exclusively new car
trade-ins. “Basically these
are vehicles that were traded
in for a new car,” explained
Phelps. “People trade them
in because they are people
who just want brand new
cars, not because their other
car was on its last leg,” said
Along with their freshly
organized inventory, Ryan
Phelps Auto has vast options for financing. “We have
about 18 different financing programs, or lenders,
for people with no credit,
who have never owned a car
or a car loan, or no credit
at all,” said Phelps. “We get
people good interest rates on
their first car loan and then
we have really good credit
unions for people with excellent credit, so we can get
people really low-interest
rates,” said Phelps. “We also
have really aggressive bad
credit banks and our down
payments are a lot lower than
most other places that guarantee financing,” explained
Phelps. “I work really hard
at that. Some dealers focus
on bad credit, some focus on
only good credit, we’ve been
successful at being able to do
both,” said Phelps.
Phelps, who is a retired 9thgrade history teacher and
varsity wrestling coach from
Newark, worked both jobs
for nine years after the auto
sales shop opened in 2010.
“I just decided that economically it would be a better deal
to just work in car sales,” said
Phelps. “I would go back to
teaching in a heartbeat if my
car business ever fell on its
face. But, I don’t ever see that
happening. We are only moving up and growing,” said
And growing they are. A
new shop has already been
built in Lyons with plans of a
grand opening in close to two

weeks. “We are very excited
about this new shop,” said
Phelps. “And in about another year we are going to purchase my fathers’ shop, making us a family run three sales
shop unit under one roof, so
we can mix and match up
more customers to more cars,
serving many more people,”
continued Phelps.
According to Phelps, the
main reason why his business
has been so strong and effective is because of the way he
and his team treat the people
walking through their doors.
“We are not a typical used car
dealership,” explained Phelps.
“We look at the big picture of
trying to build repeat business. Used cars d break, and
my father always told me that
it’s not just the car you sell, it’s
how you treat the person and
handle the situation if there
is a problem within a certain
time frame during the period
after they purchased the car.
That’s what makes customers come back to you,” said
Phelps. “You earn more respect, should a problem arise,
when you really stand behind
it for the people,” said Phelps.
People are something Phelps
and his team deal with regularly on a daily basis. “We see
anywhere from 5-6 people
every day just in our Jordan
shop,” explained Phelps. He
continued to explain that
although most of his clients
range from the CNY area,
he has also sold to people
from Michigan, Wisconsin,
and Florida. “When we have
a mark on a rare vehicle that
is priced decently, people
will come from all over,” said
Phelps. “One very nice aspect
is that we have sold to families over the last 9 years, between parents and kids, cousins and other relatives. We
have a very solid repeat business and we have a good referral program, where if you
send someone to us, we give
you $100.00, so we do a ton
of that,” continued Phelps.
For Phelps, the most rewarding part of owning
his business is giving back.
“When you can help someone get into a nice car after
other dealerships have told
them they don’t qualify. It
literally happens all the time,
and we are just able to do
it. They’re happy and get in
the car they want. We aren’t
miracle workers, but we are
really good at what we do,”
said Phelps.
Ryan Phelps Auto LLC is
open Saturdays and Sundays
9:30 am-4:30 pm without appointments needed and the
rest of the week by appointments only. The public is
welcome to visit, call or text 315529-1992 or visit them on
facebook and twitter under
Ryan Phelps Auto.

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