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Thank You CAYUGA CAYUGA COUNTY COUNTY & TEAM ALBERICI! Together Together we raised $830,000 $830,0 0 0 in donations and pledges thanks to the generosity of you and more than 2,300 2,30 0 donors donors from across Cayuga Cayuga County, County, New York York State, and the United States—we even had a gift gift sent from Canada. THANK YOU YOU For For supporting supporting your friends, family, family, and neighbors! neighbors! A special thanks to our Campaign Chair Chairs—Gino s—Gino and Maxine Alberici along with their six adult cchildren, hildren, their spouses, and 1 7 grandc hildren for their stellar ef forts leading 17 grandchildren efforts the 20 19-20 Campaign. 2019-20 Thank You Donors! TRUSTS & FOUNDATIONS Dix on & Mary Blodget rust Dixon Blodgettt Charitable T Trust Columbian F oundation Foundation FIRM GIFTS Active Active Physical Physical Therapy Solutions Solutions PC Alberici Lacrosse LLC Anheuser Busch Busch Anonymous (54) Anonymous Liquors Auburn Discount Liquors D.E. F rench F oundation French Foundation Emer son F oundation Emerson Foundation Everet rust Everettt T Trust Dorothy Trust Doroth y George Charitable T rust T.. Goss F Fund Isabel T und M&T Bank Norgaard Trust Nina Norg aard T rust W.. Metcalf Stanley W P.C. Carbonaro, Carbonaro, Brune, P .C. Central Building, LLC Chirco Land Development Co., Inc. Cuomo, Winter chmidt CP As PLLC Winterss & S Schmidt CPAs F .W. Dennis R oofing, L.L.C. F.W. Roofing, Lake Real Lak e Country R eal Estate Funeral Langham F uneral Home Company Midstate Mutual Insurance Compan y Patterson Farms, P atterson F arms, Inc. Sunrise Heifer Boarding Superior Insulation Co LLC Marketing United Mark eting Whiting’ss W Wall Paper Whiting’ all P aper FIRM FOUNDATION GIFTS CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS & CLUBS Anonymous Anon ymous (6) Rotary Auburn R otary Club CIAO CIA O AmazonSmile Foundation Foundation AmazonSmile Avangrid Foundation, Foundation, in partnership partnership with NYSEG NYSEG Avangrid Foundation Exelon Foundation Lee Foundation Foundation Lee EVERETT GOLD $2,000-$4,999 TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY TOCQUEVILLE Lewis E. & Mary Springer II Lewis PLATINUM $5,000-$9,999 $5,0 0 0-$9,999 EVERETT PLATINUM Janet & Rich Rich Newman Janet Rich & Marie Nellenback Nellenback Stephen Rich EVERETT SILVER $1,000-$1,999 Gino & Maxine Alberici Anonymous (6) Anonymous Francine Bouley C. Alan & Francine Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Michael Michael E. Cuddy Mr. James Cummings James Senior Citizens Montezuma S enior Citiz ens Group 1970, Port Class of 1 970, P ort Byron Detzer Sharon L. Detzer Donald & Doris Doody P. Emmons Shawn P. Finch Assemblyman Gary & Marcia Finch Dr. & Mrs. Mrs. Arthur Arthur Foresman Foresman Dr. Anonymous Anon ymous (4) Dr.. Brian Bennet Bennettt Dr Endy & Mimi China Jason Curtis J ason & Eva Cur tis Kathy Cuthbertt Bob & K athy Cuthber Ed & Laurie Gallager J. Jackson Jackson Stephen J. John Karpinski Karpinski Nancy & John Trisha Koczent Koczent Trisha John P. P. & Kathryn Kathryn B. McLane John Janet Cuthbertt Gary & J anet Cuthber Jeff Falter J eff F alter Robert Foresman R obert F oresman Dr.. & Mr Mrs. Richard J.. F Freeman Dr s. Ric hard J reeman Dr.. J Joseph F.. K Karpinski Dr oseph F arpinski Lori Miller Steve & Lori Ted Mosley Anne & Ted Robert & Kim Pine Robert Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Willard Schwarting Schwarting Mr. Dr. & Mrs. Mrs. Michael Michael Tersegno Tersegno Dr. Leonard Harold L eonard Mr.. & Mr Mrs. McLean Mr s. Gardner McL ean Mr.. & Mr Mrs. Wayne Mr s. David W ayne Wayne Douglas Wayne Joseph R. Westermann Westermann Joseph EVERETT BRONZE $500-$999 JJeff eff & Meg Megan an Alberici JJoe oe & PPetra etra Alberici Anon ymous (35) Anonymous RRoger oger Anthon Anthonyy Jill Argese JJacquelyn acquelyn Ann A versa Aversa TTamara amara Bacon LLynda ynda Bar ry Barry RRobert obert & Eileen Bar ry Barry David Bauer Carolyn Bec ker Becker Mat thew Benedict Matthew Denise Bennet Bennettt RRobert obert K. Berg an Bergan Mic helle Bower Michelle Bowerss Drs. Michael Michael & Karen Karen Brady Drs. Jeffrey E. Bronk Jeffrey Marian M. Brown Burke Elizabeth Burke Shawn I. Butler Dr. & Mrs. Mrs. Daniel P. P. Cannucciari Dr. Carr Mark Carr David Casey Matthew & Susan Chadderdon Matthew Michael Chavez Michael Connors Shelly Connors Cuthbert Barbara Cuthbert Ryan Cuthbert Cuthbert Ryan Dr. Brad & Holly Davidson Dr. Matthew DelFavero DelFavero Matthew Jacquilyn A. Dmytrenko Dmytrenko Jacquilyn Judi Dorsey Dorsey Judi Drs. William & James James Elkovitch Elkovitch Drs. Kevin J. J. Ellis Kevin Kent Engelmann Kent Ted Evans Ted Fandrich Honorable Mark & Jill Fandrich Farrington Denise Farrington Dr. Bill & Judy Judy Foresman Foresman Dr. Thomas Ganey Jimmy Giannettino Giannettino Jimmy Samuel Giannettino Giannettino Samuel Lisa A. Giannone Elizabeth Gibson David & Suzanne Gould Nathan Grant Kelley M. Gridley Kelley Howard & Jenny Jenny Haines Howard Hart Gary Hart Christian Heine Michelle & Eric Hubbard Michelle Pamela Jackson Jackson Pamela Seth & Renee Renee Jensen Jensen Seth Jessie Brian & Mandi Jessie Johnston Debra Johnston Juhl William Juhl Dr. Brian & Nancy Kalet Kalet Dr. & Theresa Kline Stephen &Theresa Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Richard Richard Knaul Mr. Dinah Lipman MacCormick Lili MacCormick Karen Macier Karen Jessica Mayo Jessica McCormick Nancy McCormick William C. Metzler Michelle M. Miller Michelle Robert Miller Robert Murphy Demetrius Murphy Claudia & Bruce Natale Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Daniel Nellenback Nellenback Mr. Evelyn Noden Jennifer Ostrowski Jennifer Joseph D. Pabis Pabis Joseph Peltz Adrienne Peltz Petrus Heather Petrus Jeffrey Pirozzolo Pirozzolo Jeffrey Karen Quest Karen Michael Quill, Jr. Jr. Michael Matt Quill Matt Rebich Mark A. Rebich Sarah Riester Sarah Marguerite Ringwood Walter & Barbara Schatt Schatt Walter Vincent Shaw Vincent Michelle C. Shepherd Michelle Dr. Linda Simkin Dr. Jonah Simons Jonah Karen Speck Speck William & Karen Sroka Barbara Sroka Kelly Stockwell Stockwell Kelly Betty Thomas BettyThomas John H. & JoanThomas Joan Thomas John Marge Tracy MargeTracy Michael & MollyTrapani Molly Trapani Michael John & Kelly Kelly Wade Wade John Wall Grant Wall Wallace Carol Wallace Ward Debora Ward Westover Caroline M. Westover Dan & Erin Wilbur Charles Winslow