Details for BAILIWICK MARKET & CAFE - Ad from 2020-05-21

From Bailiwick To Our Valued Customers: In line with state mandates Bailiwick can only serve take out meals. Bailiwick is committed to providing our customers with the same great fresh meals and friendly service they are accustomed to and truly appreciates your loyalty. For takeout food call 315-277-5632. Bailiwick will be open 7 days a week from 7am to 6pm for take out food through the drive thru and ice cream windows. Bailiwick stands ready to help you, your family and your friends with delicious and nutritious food using locally sourced ingredients. Call us and your order will be ready for pick up, 315-277-5632. If anyone truly needs food delivered to their home, please let an employee know and we can help. One last item. Bailiwick needs your help too, so we are still in business when this crisis is over. Please consider purchasing a $ 50 gift card for $ 45 to use at a later date. Our staff has the same concerns anyone has at this time and is dedicated to their craft of creating fabulous food. ~ Sincerely, Nancy Hourigan Café 315.277.5632 | Fax 315.277.5631