Details for BAILIWICK MARKET & CAFE - Ad from 2021-07-22

BAILIWICK’S DAILY FEATURES JULY 19TH-JULY 25TH BREAKFAST - SERVED UNTIL 11AM, NOON ON SUNDAY • Special #1: Western omelet with cheddar cheese, home fries and toast…$8.99 • Special #2: Two French toast, two eggs and bacon…$8.99 THIS WEEK’S FEATURES - SERVED 11AM - 8PM, 12-8PM ON SUNDAY • SALAD: Grilled salmon steak over local • SANDWICH: Grilled Italian sausage on a hoagie mixed greens topped with mixed berries, roll with grilled peppers and onions, served with crumbled feta cheese and homemade maple house made macaroni salad...$10.99 vinaigrette…$13.99 • BURGER: Beef burger with bacon, lettuce, • BAILIWICK BOWL: Grilled flat iron steak tomato, and a homemade garlic cheese spread, with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, served with fries…$11.99 and scallions over white rice, finished with a • CLUB: Ham and Swiss with lettuce, tomato balsamic glaze…$13.99 and mayo on homemade toasted country potato • QUESADILLA: Buffalo chicken, cheddar jack, bread, served with fries…$10.99 scallions, tomatoes and creamy bleu cheese, • FRIDAYS ONLY: Fresh fried haddock sandwich served with fries and Buffalo and fries…$11.99 bleu sauce…$10.99 Also, follow us on Facebook & Instagram for the latest on our upcoming Sunflower Walk! LIVE MUSIC – Two Feet Short - Saturday the 24th, 6-8pm New summer hours: 7am-9pm every day, kitchen closes at 8pm, ice cream open‘til 9pm, every day Café 315.277.5632 Call ahead and pick up your order at our drive thru!