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The last three months have been unlike any other time. Our way of life
here locally, in New York State, the country and the entire world have been
changed forever. During the Covid 19 shutdown, Chiropractic offices here in
New York were Limited to emergency services only. This was issued as an
executive order from Governor Cuomo and the New York State Department
of Health. We are aware of how this affected you, our patients. We are pleased
to announce that as of Friday June 12th the emergency only restrictions were
lifted in our region and we can now return to full practice. Please be assured
that your health and safety is our primary concern and that in addition to
following the governors orders we will be taking all the necessary steps to be
in compliance with the required procedures for reopening.

Please feel free to call us and schedule an appointment:
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Dr. Eric Naumann
Dr. Scott Kilmer
Dr. Roberta Damberg
Dr. Alan Cooper

1 Logan St., Auburn, NY
109 South St., Auburn, NY
109 South St., Auburn, NY
2645 Erie Dr., Weedsport, NY