Candidate name: Andrew Dennison

Municipality: Town of Ira

Office sought: County legislature

Political party (or parties): Republican, Conservative

Age: 52

Family information: Married to my wife Barb we have one child a 15 year old daughter Chelsea

Professional and previous political experience: I’m seeking a second term on the legislature I’ve previously sat on my towns planning board and I was born and raised on my family’s farm in Ira which I’ve been running for the past 25 years

Education: Cato Meridian high school graduate 1985

Message to voters: I was born and raised here in Cayuga County and I ran for the legislature four years ago because I didn’t like the direction this county was going. Our taxes continue to go up our government continues to grow, unfortunately at all levels, and it makes no sense because our population continues to decrease. And I won’t be surprised when the 2020 census comes out if our population keeps decreasing. I’ve voted no on the last 3 budgets because I refuse to vote for a budget with more than a 2% tax increase and actually I think we should and could do better than that. I’m not going to blow sunshine up everyone’s you know what in this bio by telling you all the rainbow and sunshine things that other candidates are saying to just try and get elected or reelected just look at how people vote! New York State continues to go in the wrong direction upstate New York continues to lose population because people can’t afford to live in a high tax area. Candidates like to talk about making it a better place to live so that our youth will stay well they can’t stay if they can’t afford to live here we need to make our county a place where people and businesses want to come because they can flourish and afford to be here . I’m more than willing to try new things but if they don’t work and it winds up just costing the taxpayers money then we obviously need to do away with it but that doesn’t always happen in government unfortunately! If the excuse for government growing is there are more people needing services then that means we need to start letting people keep more of their own money so they can take care of them selves instead of forcing people to have to rely on government. We need to make sure our roads are in better shape and we need to emphasize public safety and do more to fight our opioid problem. And we absolutely need clean water but we can’t get there if it’s just going to be a blame game as to who’s fault it is every time there’s an issue. I’m also concerned with the direction the state is going when it comes to giving people that are here illegally drivers licenses because I’m afraid that this will also lead to voting issues in the future. I’m also concerned with the fact that New York State would like to become a sanctuary state it’s hard enough for the people who live here and have lived here all of their lives paying taxes but now we’re supposed to pay for others and this also scares me at our county level because we took a vote on that and there are people who are in favor of it representing you on the legislature. I am running for a second term because I want to continue to not only represent my three towns in my district Cato, Ira, and Conquest but I want to continue to try and represent everyone in this county and who knows maybe someday we can get to the rainbow and sunshine that other candidates like to talk about but we can’t just do it by just talking and then continually increasing peoples taxes! I’d be honored to get 4 more years to keep fighting for making this county a place people and business wants to be

Thank you


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