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Delilah McGee

McGee and Delilah on an episode of "NCIS." 

The "NCIS" team had a case in its next-to-last episode of the season, but the major focus was on Agent McGee's future with Delilah. 

McGee returns home and Delilah is in bed. As she goes to get out of bed, she collapses. The health scare shakes up McGee and his NCIS colleagues. Gibbs consoles McGee at the hospital. 

Delilah soon emerges and she's OK. She was awaiting test results and the hospital moved her to another room. At that moment, after Sunday's episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles," you could feel the collective sigh of relief from "NCIS" fans. 

The doctor comes into the room and reaffirms what early tests showed, which is that Delilah will be fine. She attributed Delilah's collapse to anemia and added that it was typical for someone in her condition. 

As Delilah and McGee express shock, enough of a hint was dropped for viewers to understand what was happening: Delilah is pregnant. 

It's not long before Abby visits Delilah in the hospital. Delilah and McGee are laying in the hospital together — McGee passed out after he learned Delilah was pregnant — and Abby can tell something is up. She notices that Delilah is glowing. Delilah and McGee decide to spill the beans and tell Abby. They ask Abby to keep it a secret so they can tell their family and other members of the team. 

Later in the episode, the team is in the squad room when Director Vance approaches Gibbs. Vance is bothered by an invitation he received from McGee. The emailed invitation appeared to be cryptic. McGee wanted Vance to come over for dinner at his place. Other members of the team acknowledge that they received the same invitation. 

By then, everyone knows something is up. Abby, who had just told the team that Delilah was OK, is trying to keep the secret. The scene cuts away as everyone else focuses their attention on Abby. 

The episode concludes at Delilah and McGee's apartment — DiNozzo's former pad. The team is gathered there and Delilah and McGee emerge. They reveal that they have an announcement, which has already been spoiled. (Abby spilled the beans and told everyone about the pregnancy.) But there's another surprise — the couple wants to get married now

The original wedding date was over the summer and they'll still have a party with family and friends. But they wanted to get married with the NCIS team present. 

McGee's "best man" is Abby. Delilah's sister isn't in the area, so she asks Gibbs to fill in as her "maid of honor." Ducky offers to give Delilah away, which she accepts. And Jimmy is now Rev. Jimmy. He took an online class to become a minister and officiate the wedding ceremony. 

Before the wedding ceremony, Gibbs checks on McGee. McGee is wearing his father's admiral stars — a nice tribute. In an episode full of surprises, Gibbs closes with one of his own. 

Gibbs takes off the watch he was wearing and gives it to McGee. The watch was given to Gibbs by his father on his wedding day. Gibbs is now giving it to McGee on his wedding day. He even got it engraved with the words, "Breathe, Tim." 

The wedding goes smoothly. There's now just one episode left in the season, and it looks like it will be a dangerous one for the team.