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Donna Paulsen

Sarah Rafferty plays Donna Paulsen on an episode of "Suits." 

The latest "Suits" episode was titled, "Inevitable." It was appropriate when you consider what has transpired this season. 

Harvey Specter faced a major decision in this episode. He had to make a choice: Will he retain Donna as an employee at his law firm, or will he maintain his relationship with Paula? 

Just when Harvey and Paula seemed to be heading in the right direction after the trouble caused by Donna's kiss and the revelation that there was a one-night encounter in Donna and Harvey's past, the couple sat down for dinner with Harvey's mom, Lily. 

During the dinner, Lily thanks Paula for being the one who encouraged Harvey to reconcile with her. The problem? It was Donna, not Paula, who suggested Harvey should repair his relationship with his mother. Paula, who was holding hands with Harvey, pulls her hand away. There is an awkward moment when Paula's body language makes it clear to Lily (and everyone watching at home) that she wasn't the one who told Harvey to fix his relationship with his mom. 

After the dinner, Paula tells Harvey that she's not comfortable remaining in a relationship with him knowing that Donna works with him every day. She presents him with a me-or-her scenario. She will stay with Harvey, but Donna must go. 

Harvey decides he will stay with Paula and figure out Donna's exit strategy. Without Donna's knowledge, he approached Stu Buzzini (Stu was involved in this episode because of the case Harvey and Mike were working on) and asked him to hire Donna. When Stu comes to Donna with the job offer, you can tell she senses something is up. 

Following her conversation with Stu, Donna goes to Harvey's office. She's upset, and rightfully so. Harvey maintains his position and reminds Donna that she is the reason they are in this situation in the first place. (She kissed him, after all.) 

We shift to Paula, who is at her office. There is a knock at the door. It's ... Donna! The plot thickens, as they say. Donna talks about how much the COO job at the law firm means to her and that it's what she worked so hard for all these years. She tried to level with Paula as a professional woman. At first, Paula seems to be warming to changing her mind until she asks Donna if she can promise that (the kiss) won't happen again. Donna hesitates, and that's all Paula needs to maintain her view that for her relationship to work with Harvey, Donna must go. 

Fast forward and Harvey returns to his office. There is a letter on his desk from Donna. She is resigning, effective immediately. He's clearly bothered by this development. As Donna is heard reading the letter, we see her leaving the building and entering a cab. Harvey is well behind her. He leaves the building, too, and hails a cab. 

Harvey's destination: Paula's house. He is there waiting when she arrives home. He decides to end their relationship. He wishes her well, they hug and he leaves. 

Harvey's next stop is Donna's apartment. He knocks on the door and Donna is home. He tears up the letter of resignation. She's not going anywhere. Donna keeps her job. She invites him inside, but he said, "Not tonight." She closes the door and he leaves. 

Harvey was forced to choose between Donna, his longtime right-hand woman, and Paula, his short-term girlfriend. He chose Donna. Surprised? Didn't think so. 

What else happened on this episode of "Suits": 

• The case was background noise in this episode, but it still factored in because of Stu's bit part in the whole Harvey-Donna exchange. Teddy, one of Harvey's clients, sold his company and told his workers they wouldn't lose their jobs. The problem? Baxter, the jerk who bought the company, doesn't plan on holding the company for long. He wants to sell it and ship the jobs overseas. Harvey teams with Mike to prevent the jobs from being shipped overseas, but it took some effort. 

• Remember the title of the episode. "Inevitable." Well, it was inevitable for Louis' sneaking around with Sheila to come to an end. For most of the episode, Louis and Sheila are having their kind of fun. But it all comes to a head when Louis decides to go to Sheila's campus and surprise her with a role-playing act. When he shows up, Sheila is there with her fiance, Xander. After coming face-to-face with Sheila's fiance, he leaves the room. After exiting the room, he hears Xander make some disparaging remarks. It hurts Louis' feelings, especially when Sheila doesn't defend him. Sheila was clearly more interested in covering up her role in their affair than sticking up for Louis. 

• The latest on Mike and Rachel is they're a happy couple. Still. At a counseling session, they learn their different approaches and thoughts are actually the sign of a strong relationship. They work on being more open about their future. That's important, especially as this season winds down. Remember: Mike (played by Patrick Adams) and Rachel (played by Meghan Markle) will exit the series after this season. What their future plans are will be addressed in the final episodes of season 7.