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Assemblyman Gary Finch

Assemblyman Gary Finch. 


Assemblyman Gary Finch criticized Democrats Tuesday after the majority blocked a Republican-backed package to reform how business is conducted in the chamber. 

The plan supported by Assembly Republicans included term limits for committee chairs and legislative leaders, allowing every member of the chamber to bring one bill to the floor for a vote in each term and providing equal staff budgets for each member's office. 

The Republican proposal also called for a supermajority vote to extend sessions beyond the current eight-hour limit and require a two-thirds vote to accept messages of necessity from the governor. 

Finch, R-Springport, accused Democrats of having misplaced priorities.

"The Democrats are focused on Tide pods. They're focused on giving tablets away to incarcerated felons," Finch said. "We're working with our staff to draft serious legislation because one thing we've all been hearing from our constituents is that they want us to clean up Albany. We want to restore public trust in important institutions. They're blocking our reform proposals just because we're Republicans and they're Democrats." 

While Finch expressed outrage about the Democrats blocking the GOP proposals, the outcome was expected. 

Many of these same proposals have been blocked before. Republicans, led by Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, have advocated for leadership term limits, equal resources for members and other measures only to be rebuffed by the Democratic majority.