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Dana Balter Town Hall 6.JPG

Dana Balter speaks during a town hall meeting at Seymour Library.

Following the release of U.S. Rep. John Katko's latest television commercial in the 24th Congressional District race, Democratic challenger Dana Balter is calling on the Republican's campaign to release the full video of her comments that she claims were taken out of context in the ad. 

Katko's commercial uses clips from a cellphone video of Balter's Auburn town hall meeting in May. At that forum, Balter addressed her support of Medicare-for-all and how she would fund the expansion of the health insurance program. 

The ad shows Balter saying, "You would have to pay a tax," "We would pay for Medicare-for-all with a health care tax" and "People don't like to talk about taxes — new taxes especially." 

For one of the quotes — "You would have to pay a tax" — the second half of the sentence isn't included in the ad. Balter went on to say, "But your out-of-pocket costs are reduced." 

Balter accused Katko of being dishonest and "cherry-picking statements" to mislead voters. 

"It is disappointing but not surprising that John Katko is resorting to such tactics," Balter said in a statement. "It's sad to see him showing as little regard for the truth as his party leaders do." 

Balter has reiterated her support of Medicare-for-all throughout the congressional campaign. When asked about how it would be funded, she has said that it would be financed through an increased Medicare payroll tax. 

At a town hall meeting in Auburn last week, she shared more details about her position. She said while there would be a tax increase, it would be "far less" than what would be saved in out-of-pocket medical expenses. 

It's the second time Katko's campaign has used Balter's stance on Medicare-for-all against her in a television commercial. In August, Katko released a 30-second ad that used audio clips of Balter discussing in a podcast interview how she would pay for the expansion. 

After the release of the ad, Balter labeled it "misleading" and accused Katko of taking her comments out of context

Balter is challenging Katko in the 24th district race. A recent Siena College poll found Katko leading Balter by 15 points, 54 to 39 percent. A Public Policy Polling survey released in August showed Balter up by four points, 47 to 43 percent. 

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6. 

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