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Conor McGregor, right, fights Eddie Alvarez during a lightweight title mixed martial arts bout at UFC 205, early Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016, at Madison Square Garden in New York. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

More than a month before Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation to allow professional mixed martial arts fights in New York, Zuffa, UFC's parent company, made a significant contribution to the governor's re-election campaign. 

Zuffa donated $50,000 to Andrew Cuomo 2018 on March 2. It was the largest campaign donation to a New York politician or political party the company made during its nearly decade-long push to lift the MMA ban in the state. 

In 2016, Zuffa donated $170,000 to candidates and political parties, according to the state Board of Elections. That capped off an eight-year stretch in which the company donated $731,550 to New York campaign committees. 

Among candidates, Cuomo was the top recipient. He received nine donations from Zuffa totaling $161,100, including the $50,000 contribution in March. 

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie received $6,500 from Zuffa. Of that total, $2,500 came after he became speaker in early 2015. As a rank-and-file member of the Assembly, he was a supporter of the MMA legalization bill. 

The largest recipient of Zuffa campaign contributions was the New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee, which collected $178,500 in donations from UFC's parent company. The Senate GOP received two $40,000 donations, with the most recent coming in September. 

The New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee received $89,500 from Zuffa over the past eight years. 

The bill's sponsors also raked in Zuffa donations. State Sen. Joe Griffo and Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle received $30,500 and $18,700, respectively, in contributions. 

The UFC's first pay-per-view after the MMA ban was lifted was held in November at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Another fight card was held earlier this month in Albany. 

UFC will return to New York in Albany for UFC 208, which will be held Feb. 11 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 

Zuffa donations to NY politicians/parties
Andrew Cuomo$1,0003/16/2009
Andrew Cuomo$36,8007/5/2010
Andrew Cuomo$15,0002/22/2011
Andrew Cuomo$15,0006/30/2011
Andrew Cuomo$25,00012/8/2011
Andrew Cuomo$5,8001/13/2014
Andrew Cuomo$5,0009/12/2015
Andrew Cuomo$7,50010/11/2015
Andrew Cuomo$50,0003/2/2016
Borelli for Assembly$5004/17/2014
Bronx Democratic County Committee$5,0008/23/2012
Bronx Democratic County Committee$2,0002/12/2015
Citizens for Al Stirpe$5004/3/2014
Citizens for Sam Hoyt$1,5002/26/2010
Committee to Elect Eric Adams$1,50012/29/2009
Committee to Elect Eric Adams$1,0009/28/2010
Committee to Elect Eric Adams$7504/2/2012
Committee to Elect Matthew J. Titone$5003/31/2015
Committee to Re-elect Assemblyman Joe Morelle$1,0008/26/2010
Committee to Re-elect Assemblyman Joe Morelle$3,5008/19/2011
Committee to Re-elect Assemblyman Joe Morelle$1,0009/23/2011
Committee to Re-elect Assemblyman Joe Morelle$2,5007/1/2013
Committee to Re-elect Assemblyman Joe Morelle$2,50012/20/2013
Committee to Re-elect Assemblyman Joe Morelle$4,0003/23/2015
Committee to Re-elect Assemblyman Joe Morelle$4,20010/29/2015
Cusick for Assembly$5003/3/2016
Cusick for Assembly$5003/3/2016
Friends of Carl Heastie$2,5006/7/2012
Friends of Carl Heastie$5005/23/2013
Friends of Carl Heastie$1,0003/20/2014
Friends of Carl Heastie$2,5003/12/2015
Friends of Dan Quart$5007/22/2013
Friends of Daniel P. McCoy$1,0009/19/2013
Friends of Daniel P. McCoy$2,0009/16/2015
Friends of Dean Murray$3,80012/29/2011
Friends of Dean Murray$5004/16/2015
Friends of Dennis Gabryszak$5009/24/2013
Friends of Didi Barrett for Assembly$1,00010/18/2012
Friends of Francisco Moya$5008/15/2012
Friends of Francisco Moya$5006/27/2013
Friends of Francisco Moya$5001/29/2016
Friends of Frank Seddio$1,0004/16/2015
Friends of James Gary Pretlow$1,0009/24/2010
Friends of James Skoufis$5009/24/2015
Friends of Joe Griffo$1,0002/23/2010
Friends of Joe Griffo$1,0007/8/2010
Friends of Joe Griffo$1,0005/3/2011
Friends of Joe Griffo$9,0005/17/2012
Friends of Joe Griffo$2,5004/19/2013
Friends of Joe Griffo$2,50012/13/2013
Friends of Joe Griffo$2,5006/10/2014
Friends of Joe Griffo$2,5003/12/2015
Friends of Joe Griffo$2,5007/24/2015
Friends of Joe Griffo$2,0004/25/2016
Friends of Joe Griffo$4,00010/24/2016
Friends of Karim Camara$5006/6/2012
Friends of Keith Wright$3,8009/11/2010
Friends of Kevin Parker$1,0004/9/2012
Friends of Kevin Parker$1,5006/16/2014
Friends of Mike Gianaris$1,00012/17/2009
Friends of Mike Gianaris$1,0005/9/2013
Friends of Mike Gianaris$1,00011/21/2013
Friends of Noam Bramson$1,0001/10/2013
Friends of Robert J. Rodriguez$5003/26/2014
Friends of Steven Cymbrowitz$1,0007/21/2012
George Amedore for Senate$1,0005/12/2012
Grisanti for Senate$1,0003/20/2014
Hevesi for Assembly$5004/5/2012
Hevesi for Assembly$8001/29/2015
Hevesi for Assembly$1,0003/10/2016
Jeff Klein for New York$5,0003/21/2013
Jeff Klein for New York$1,0003/20/2014
Kennedy for Senate$5007/31/2012
Kennedy for Senate$1,0008/8/2013
Kennedy for Senate$1,0006/26/2014
Klein for New York$5,0003/12/2015
Klein for New York$1,0005/28/2015
Malcolm Smith for NY$2,50011/24/2009
Monroe County Democratic Committee$5,0003/4/2014
New York County Democratic Committee$2,5007/11/2014
New York State Democratic Committee$18,1009/27/2010
New Yorkers for Klein$2,50012/17/2009
New Yorkers for Klein$2,5006/2/2011
NYS Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee$50,0007/21/2016
NYS Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee$5,00010/3/2016
NYS Democrats$25,0001/18/2008
NYS Senate Dems$10,0002/17/2009
NYS Senate Dems$4,5008/19/2009
NYS Senate Dems$2,5001/8/2010
NYS Senate Dems$2,5002/26/2010
NYS Senate Dems$5,00010/22/2010
NYS Senate Dems$5,0004/27/2011
NYS Senate Dems$5,0005/4/2012
NYS Senate Dems$5,0009/21/2012
NYS Senate Dems$5,0002/28/2013
NYS Senate Dems$10,0007/15/2013
NYS Senate Dems$2,50012/17/2013
NYS Senate Dems$2,5003/26/2014
NYS Senate Dems$10,0007/10/2014
NYS Senate Dems$5,0003/20/2015
NYS Senate Dems$10,0007/11/2016
NYS Senate Dems$5,00010/3/2016
NYS Senate GOP$10,0006/12/2008
NYS Senate GOP$10,0009/25/2008
NYS Senate GOP$5,0008/6/2009
NYS Senate GOP$5,00010/22/2009
NYS Senate GOP$15,0004/29/2011
NYS Senate GOP$10,0005/31/2012
NYS Senate GOP$40,0006/11/2012
NYS Senate GOP$5,0005/24/2013
NYS Senate GOP$2,50012/20/2013
NYS Senate GOP$20,0007/11/2014
NYS Senate GOP$10,0005/11/2015
NYS Senate GOP$6,0009/11/2015
NYS Senate GOP$40,0009/28/2016
Paterson for Governor$25,00012/9/2009
People for Bing$1,00012/24/2009
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee$2,0003/1/2011
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee$3,5009/17/2012
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee$7,50010/29/2012
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee$2,0006/21/2013
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee$3,5009/19/2013
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee$3,50010/28/2014
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee$3,5009/14/2015
Santabarbara for Assembly$1,0007/13/2015
Santabarbara for Assembly$1,0004/11/2016
Sean Ryan for Assembly$1,00010/29/2012
Sepulveda for Assembly$5003/22/2016
Supporters of Antoine Thompson$1,5002/25/2010
The Empire Fund$7,5005/10/2012
The IDC Initiative$7,5008/29/2013
Wright for New York$2,5003/25/2015
Zebrowski for Assembly$5004/5/2012
Zebrowski for Assembly$5005/8/2014

(Source: New York State Board of Elections)

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