Sennett August meeting

FILE - In this Aug. 21 photo, the town of Sennett's board of trustees listens as Supervisor Peter Adams reads a letter prepared by Water and Sewer Supervisor Ron Schalck during a public hearing on town water projects.

The town of Sennett will get help from the state to finance a multi-million dollar water infrastructure project. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office announced this week that Sennett will receive $1,781,400 through the state's Water Infrastructure Improvement Act program. The funding will cover 60 percent of the cost of the project.

The total cost is $2,969,000. 

In August, the Sennett town board decided to advance the water system upgrades. The project includes replacing water mains on Depot, Healy and Jericho roads, and additional lines on Grant Avenue. 

New water mains will be added on Mutton Hill and County House roads. The new lines will be connected to a new 300,000-gallon water storage tank, which at a price tag of $1.47 million accounts for nearly half of the project's cost. 

Sennett Supervisor Peter Adams explained in an email Thursday that the project will benefit residents in the town's Water District Nos. 1 and 3, and replacing the water tank that's been offline since 2008 will provide better fire protection. 

The benefits of the new tank will extend to residents in the village of Weedsport who receives water from the town. Adams raised the possibility that it may benefit Brutus residents, too, if the town connects to the Sennett water system. 

"With a new tank in place, we will be able to backflow water from the new tank all the way up to Staples/BJ's should the Auburn supply line be compromised," Adams wrote. "We had strong support from the city of Auburn, the county, the village of Weedsport, town of Brutus, and the Sennett Fire Department to pursue this water infrastructure upgrade and water storage tank replacement."

The installation of new water lines on Mutton Hill and County House roads will cost $545,000. Replacing the existing water mains on Depot, Healy and Jericho roads will cost $953,000. 

Adams said the town board is discussing next steps with the town's legal representatives and engineering firm, MRB. 

The town prepared to finance the project through two bonds, but also applied for several grants. The funding through the state Water Infrastructure Improvement Act was one of the avenues pursued by the town. 

With the award from the state, Adams called it "small steps in the right direction."

"We are very thankful to the state of New York for considering our grant request and for honoring our request," Adams added. 

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