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Newspapers in Education blog: Join Young Voices of New York

Editor's Note: The following review was written by Johnathan Greene, 10, of Woodmere, for the Young Voices of New York website, a project of the New York News Publishers Association. Visit to read more articles written by students from around the state and learn how any student can become part of the Young Voices team.

“Stick Cat:Two Catch a Thief,” starts off with it just being a regular day when Edith comes to see Stick Cat through a hole in the bathroom (Edith lives in the next apartment over from Stick Cat).

They are just about to take a nap when they hear a loud thud above them. Edith is ridiculous and thinks it was an elephant.

Then they hear it in the vents and a man comes out of it. He has a black eye mask, like the Incredibles but for criminal reasons.

He is holding a bucket filled with tuna. Edith is hungry so she thinks he is some sort of cat Santa Claus or a superhero bringing happiness to the cats of the world. When Stick Cat tries to tell Edith he is a thief, she doesn’t listen. She names him Tuna Tod

When Edith says goodbye to Tuna Tod, they hear something in Edith’s apartment, so they go through the hole in the bathroom. They see Tuna Tod in Edith’s kitchen stealing things.

Stick Cat thinks Edith would be convinced now so he tells her, “See. He’s stealing from your apartment.” Edith still doesn’t listen.

When Edith sees Tuna Tod stealing her collars for everyday of the week she says, “Tuna Tod! Stealing from me?!”

Will Stick Cat and Edith catch the burglar? To find out, read the book!

I’d consider this book for ages 8 – 10 because they might really be able to comprehend what is happening in this story. I’m not saying ages below 8 can’t comprehend but I’m saying ages 8 – 10 might think this book is a life lesson rather a story time book being read to them.