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Ellsworth Carmella

James Ellsworth tends to a downed Carmella before he climbed the ladder to grab the Money in the Bank briefcase. 

WWE had two days to right a wrong: How could they let a man get the thrill of grabbing the briefcase in the first-ever women's Money in the Bank match? 

Their solution: Let's hold another match! 


But that's what they'll do. Next week on Smackdown, the second-ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match will occur. Carmella, who technically won the first one, will enter. Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Natalya and Tamina will be there, too. And who knows! Maybe there will be a surprise entrant. (I'm looking at you, Nikki Bella.) 

Unlike the first match, James Ellsworth won't be at ringside. He's banned. That should prevent a repeat of what happened Sunday night and allow a woman to get the glory she rightfully deserves. 

While the make-up match is a nice touch, it's a reflection of how poorly WWE handled this whole scenario. We have continued to hear about the "women's revolution" and how women are helping steer the ship. Whether it's Charlotte and Becky Lynch on Smackdown or Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and Bayley on Raw, women have been involved in some of the more interesting matches and storylines in the last year or two. 

WWE took the next step by booking the first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match. What an opportunity! Women have a shot to capture the briefcase and have their "Money in the Bank moment" atop the ladder. What a sight that would've been. 

That's not what happened Sunday. And now WWE is trying to make up for an egregious mistake. A second match free of shenanigans is the least they could do, but it's what they should've done in the first place. 

There's another view you could take here, which is that WWE should've stuck with their decision (as bad as it was) and used it to get heat on Carmella and Ellsworth. That may have been the best way to proceed. You could've flipped the script. Usually it's the person with the Money in the Bank briefcase who is the hunter. But Ellsworth's interference angered the other four women involved. Carmella could have rivalries with any or all of them. 

And this is why WWE doesn't know what to do in this scenario. They lack direction. You see it on television every week. You see it reflected in the ratings. They could've stuck with the decision, as unpopular as it is, and make Carmella a super heel. Instead, they decided to hold a second match that comes with more uncertainty. 

My prediction: Nothing will change. Carmella will win. That was clearly part of the plan all along and they want to use that to springboard her in the division. Only now she'll get the chance to say that with or without Ellsworth, she's still a top contender. And in the end, that will be the only thing about this whole scenario that makes sense.