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Total Divas

WWE superstar John Cena shows girlfriend Nikki Bella the difference between the workout clothes hamper and the nice clothes hamper on Sunday's episode of "Total Divas." 

If there is one thing we learned from the latest installment of "Total Divas," it's that WWE superstar John Cena likes to keep his house a certain way. 

Case in point: WWE Diva Nikki Bella, Cena's girlfriend who now lives with him, came home from a workout and decided to take a shower. She tossed her workout clothes in a hamper. 

No big deal, right? Wrong. 

Cena corrected her behavior because, you see, there are two hampers in the World Heavyweight Champion's house. One -- the hamper Nikki threw her clothes in -- is for nice clothes, Cena said. The other hamper is for sweaty workout clothes. 

So, that's settled. 

The hamper issue was just one piece of the puzzle. Early in the episode, Nikki said she wanted to light some candles and display some photos in the house. But Cena wasn't a fan of the idea. He also wasn't too thrilled when he came home and Nikki was cooking in the kitchen. He likes to keep the kitchen clean and doesn't even have food in the house. (Strange, right?)

This led to Nikki saying she wasn't comfortable in the house and said the experience was like living in a museum. 

After the spat with Nikki in the kitchen, Cena meets up with his best friend Rob. He tells Rob about the issues he's having with Nikki. Rob sets him straight and tells him that it sounds like Nikki was trying to do some nice things for him, but he didn't like them because they weren't done his way. The conversation makes Cena realize he should change his ways to make Nikki more comfortable in the house. 

By the end of the episode, Cena came around. When Nikki heads out of town for Raw and returns, he is there to greet her with flowers, picture frames and a lot of candles. He tells that she lives in the house now and it is our house. He doesn't want his stupid habits to get in the way. So, he's open to having candles and pictures in the house. And he even said they should cook dinner in the kitchen. 

Ah, happiness. 

It seems like Nikki's issues with Cena are finally getting sorted out. But previews for next week's episode show that we could be headed for a spat between Nikki and her sister, fellow WWE Diva Brie Bella. 

But that's next week's episode. Here's what else happened on this week's episode of "Total Divas":

- Trinity (WWE Diva Naomi) allows her dad to stay at her apartment, which she shares with fiance Jon (WWE superstar Jimmy Uso). But this quickly leads to some disagreements between Trinity and Jon. Trinity wants her dad to stay with her, while Jon likes to have peace and quiet in his house when he's home. Trinity's dad gets up late at night to make sandwiches and play his guitar, which bothers Jon.

The problems grew later in the episode when Trinity's dad performed at a local bar and then had an after party at Trinity and Jon's apartment. Jon wasn't a fan of this and told Trinity that she had a choice: Either send the group home or he was leaving. She said she wasn't kicking her dad and his friends out, so he decided to leave. 

Trinity decides to have a talk with her dad and in polite terms, asks him if he would leave the apartment and stay somewhere else while he's in town. She tells him about the issues with Jon and he understands. He agrees to leave and shares a moment with Trinity. More happiness. 

- Ariane (WWE Diva Cameron) encourages her boyfriend, Vincent, to try out for WWE. Let's just say it doesn't go too well. 

Vincent is put through a couple of tough workouts at the WWE Performance Center. He has some good moments, but mostly bad ones. He has a tough time keeping up with the exercises. At the end of the second workout, he's told that this isn't for him. 

But that wasn't going to keep Vincent down. He has a job, but he's looking to open his own hookah bar. Ariane decides that instead of trying to force him to do something he doesn't want to do, that she will support what he wants to do. Good call. Pro wrestling isn't for everyone. But starting your own business? It has a lot of potential.

- Quote of the week: "She's such a hooch." - Natalya describing Eva Marie after WWE officials informed Eva Marie that she was going to get scanned for her first action figure. 

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