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Emmalina makes her long-awaited debut on WWE Raw, then announces she's transforming back into Emma. 

After several weeks — months, really — of teasing, Emma finally returned as Emmalina. 

And then she was gone. Again. 

In a short promo, Emma came out, announced herself as Emmalina .. and then announced that she would be reversing the makeover and becoming Emma again. 

It was a strange segment and the crowd showed its disapproval. Perhaps that will be a good thing for Emma's character going forward — she seems to work better as a heel. But still, this was quite a failure. 

The failure isn't on Emma. She's being told what to do and she had to go out there and make something out of nothing. The rumors for weeks suggested that WWE abandoned the Emmalina gimmick. Maybe they weren't impressed with how it played out or how Emma was performing. Either way, it doesn't reflect well on the creative process when something you've promoted for months ends up being nothing more than a dud. 

WWE's handling of Emma has been terrible over the years. Teaming her with Santino Marella may have been good for comedy, but she missed out on the growing success of the then-Divas division. 

And who can forget her arrest? Yes, she certainly was responsible for her actions. But WWE released her for something that was minor. Other WWE superstars (read: men) have committed similar offenses, or worse, and they weren't punished in the same way. 

The release was temporary. WWE brought Emma back. She eventually made her way to NXT and had success there before being brought back to the main roster. She was injured last May and didn't appear on TV again until Monday night's segment. 

Emma has talent. She could be an asset to the women's division — if WWE believes it has a place for her. With Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax on Raw, the show already has a packed women's division. Smackdown also has a stacked lineup.

She's getting another makeover. Will it make a difference? We'll have to wait and see.