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With matches against Goldberg at Survivor Series and — I can't believe I'm saying this — maybe Shane McMahon at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar doesn't look like he'll be losing anytime soon.

That spells an even longer wait for the steroidally booked Lesnar to finally drop a fall since ending the Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak in 2014 — his kerfluffle loss to the Dead Man at the next year's SummerSlam notwithstanding.

The wait will at least give WWE the time it needs to decide who's the right man to conquer the conqueror. The company looked ready to give Roman Reigns the honor at WrestleMania 31, but fan backlash might have made Vince McMahon reconsider.

So, from the current WWE/NXT roster, here are the five best candidates for the job of finally beating Lesnar.

5. Well, why not Roman Reigns? By all rights, his ring work since WrestleMania 31 should have silenced anyone saying he's not ready for the prestige of beating Lesnar. So the remaining boobirds will probably never like him — unless WWE leans into that resentment by having Reigns turn heel in the process of beating Lesnar, perhaps with Heyman switching corners to that of the younger superstar. That said, Reigns has become enough of a made man in WWE that he just doesn't need Lesnar's scalp the way the rest of the guys on this list do, so he comes in last.

4. After Reigns, the guy on this list who could presently make Lesnar's loss the most epic match possible is NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. And beating his long-ago IWGP Heavyweight Championship opponent would certainly show WWE fans who don't watch NXT that Nakamura is a force as dangerous in the ring as he is charismatic on his way toward it. Speaking of which, Nakamura might be the most liked wrestler on this list, which means he stands the least chance of backlash from ending the beast's winning streak. But at 36, and almost 15 years of mat mileage, Nakamura also offers WWE the least longevity.

3. When it comes to Lesnar's opponents, credibility is always a concern. That's why, for instance, it's still a bit weird to watch him sell anything thrown by CM Punk at SummerSlam 2014. But with the 7-foot-tall Big Cass, credibility — at least from a visual standpoint — will decidedly not be a concern. As partners with Enzo, the rookie giant has already become enormously popular, and shown some above-average promo chops, to boot. The only question mark on his "future main eventer" checklist is his ring skills. Pro for only about six years, he has yet to show what he can do in WWE outside of mid-length tag matches and one fun fatal fourway on Raw.

2. You want credibility? He may not have Big Cass' size, but Jason Jordan has all the cred you could want from Lesnar's conqueror. An NCAA amateur wrestling standout, Jordan's ferocious tag work with Chad Gable as American Alpha already gives him much more promise than Cass. Their post-match interview after winning the NXT Tag Team Championships shows he's a genuinely likable guy with a great backstory. And at 28, Jordan is the youngest guy on the list and therefore stands to give WWE the most out of a win over Lesnar. His only downside is his lack of work under a singles spotlight, however, so he's not the No. 1 candidate — yet.

1. How poetic is it that the guy best positioned to conquer Lesnar is the guy Vince McMahon reportedly pegged to do so at WrestleMania 31? But Big E then isn't a patch on Big E now. His work with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston in the New Day has given the record-setting WWE Tag Team Champion the opportunity to let loose with the dynamic personality we all knew he had from social media and NXT. And it's still not the best on this list, but his ring work has steadily gotten better during the New Day's run, too. Big E has always had the muscles to be the man to beat Lesnar, but now he has just about everything else the role requires.

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