Seth Rollins faces Roman Reigns in the first part of a gauntlet match on Raw in February.

You may notice a theme in my top 10 WWE matches of the year so far.

Only one singles matches from the main roster made my list. The rest of the matches representing Raw and Smackdown involve multiple people, gimmicks, or both. And what made those matches so good, for the most part, wasn't the nitty-gritty work. It wasn't the snap of the punches, the timing of the comebacks. It was the broad strokes. Sure, their participants executed those strokes well, but without that grander vision guiding them, the matches would probably be as forgettable as the rest of the 40 hours of wrestling WWE pumps out a month.

There are singles matches in my list, though. They just come from NXT, expectedly, and 205 Live, rather unexpectedly. These are the matches where the nitty-gritty carries the most weight. These are the matches where two wrestlers made their match memorable by simply going to the ring and wrestling their asses off.

I won't say that a well-worked match is innately better than a well-booked one. But I will say that the very best matches, the ones at the top of this list of WWE's best of 2018 so far, are both.

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