Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch poses for the crowd before the Smackdown Women's Championship match at WWE Summerslam. 

WWE Summerslam is in the books. Four titles changed hands Sunday night. Roman Reigns got his big win. Ronda Rousey is a WWE champion. And Becky Lynch received a great reception from the Brooklyn crowd. 

Here are the WWE Summerslam winners and losers: 


Roman Reigns. He's finally the champion. With Brock Lesnar distracted by Braun Strowman, Reigns hit a spear to win the WWE Universal Championship. It ends Lesnar's ridiculous title reign and Reigns' long wait. He deserves this opportunity. He has been one of WWE's most productive wrestlers and has proven that he is the top guy (or one of them). Lesnar can shift his focus to UFC, and Reigns has Braun Strowman to worry about. 

Ronda Rousey. It was a simple match. Rousey dominated Alexa Bliss to win the Raw Women's Championship. The outcome wasn't surprising. There didn't appear to be a way Rousey would lose this one. Plus, WWE probably telegraphed it by announcing that Bliss would wrestle Trish Stratus at WWE Evolution. Regardless, Rousey earned the win. It would be nice to see her showcase more of her wrestling ability, but that will come along. She's the champion now, so there will be plenty of opportunities for her to do that. 

Becky Lynch. She didn't win the Smackdown Women's Championship, but she won over Brooklyn. Lynch turned on her good friend Charlotte Flair after Flair's latest title win. (Flair pinned Lynch for the win.) When Lynch attacked Flair, the crowd roared. "Yes!" chants broke out. It was easily one of the best moments of the night, and it should give Lynch momentum. A feud between Flair and Lynch, who have been wrestling against each other since their NXT days, could give a much-needed boost to the Smackdown women's division. 

Seth Rollins. In one of the best matches of the night, Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the Intercontinental Championship. Rollins and Ziggler have put together some great matches. They have great chemistry in the ring, and it was on display once again Sunday night. Rollins finished off Ziggler with a superkick and a curb stomp to get the win. It was a great closing sequence for Rollins, who has a title once again. 

Finn Balor. The Demon reemerged after a long hiatus and defeated Baron Corbin in a short match. Balor won in convincing fashion and it was a good opportunity for him to showcase just how dominant he can be. He should be considered a serious challenger for the WWE Universal Championship. There will be plenty of potential opponents now that the title is once again held by a full-time guy. 


Brock Lesnar. Lesnar's run is likely over. He will focus on his UFC career. It was rumored that he had one match remaining on his WWE contract. Raw, WWE's flagship show, needs a full-time champion. Having these part-time wrestlers come back for an appearance or two is one thing. Having them win titles is another. And Lesnar held one of the company's top two titles for more than a year. That's ridiculous, and it shouldn't happen again. 

Carmella. Not only did the 2017 Money in the Bank winner lose her championship, it appears she won't be part of the title picture going forward. That's a good move for the Smackdown women's division, but it's bad news for Carmella. Without the title, her role in the division is unclear. The belt helped elevate her despite inferior wrestling skills. With Asuka, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Naomi in the division, Carmella may have a difficult road to reentering the title picture. 

Alexa Bliss. It might be a little unfair to Bliss that a multiple-time champion was made to look so weak against Rousey, who has shown limited wrestling ability and basically executed some modified mixed martial arts moves on the now-former Raw women's champion. Unlike Carmella, Bliss should be able to remain in the title picture. But she probably won't overtake Rousey. They will save that opportunity for someone else. 

Daniel Bryan. The Miz got some revenge on Daniel Bryan. WWE really played up Bryan's past comments about The Miz before this match. The Miz appeared to have cheated to win, but the result is what matters. Bryan losing at Summerslam shouldn't set him back. There is still a story to tell between him and The Miz. After that, he could find his way back to the title picture. 

Roman Reigns' haters. It was a rough night for those who have jeered Reigns and rooted against him becoming the champion because of silly reasons. You can hate him all you want, but his ability is apparent. When you think of some of the best matches of the past few years, Reigns has been a part of several of them. Now that he is finally the WWE Universal Champion, it's time to put aside the differences and embrace him. While it was part of the storyline, he was right about one thing: He shows up every night. 

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