It's a main event loaded with questions — and potential.

What's Goldberg capable of at the age of 50? Will WWE really have a part-timer hold a major title for an extended period of time? How many German suplexes can Brock Lesnar execute? 


Oh, did I mention what exactly is Goldberg capable of at this stage of his career? 

There are many things we don't know entering WrestleMania Sunday. What we do know is that Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg is the main event. Two part-time guys battling it out for the WWE Universal Championship. 

After that, it's anyone's guess how this will turn out. 

Goldberg isn't expected to stick around for too much longer after WrestleMania and it's unclear how he might figure into WWE's future plans. There's always a possibility that he could have a recurring role. But there's also the possibility that he just did this for some short-term benefit — the opportunity for his son to see him compete in a pro wrestling ring. He's certainly made his share of memories over the last several months. 

The likely scenario: Brock Lesnar wins Sunday. WWE has some long-term plans that it wants to carry out involving Lesnar and the WWE Universal Championship. Those plans could include Roman Reigns eventually beating Lesnar for the title at Summerslam or, if the rumors are true, next year's WrestleMania. 

The issue with a Lesnar win — or a Goldberg win for that matter — is what happens post-WrestleMania. You have Reigns and Kevin Owens, legitimate contenders for the title, who may have to wait it out because Lesnar won't be wrestling every night. He may not be at every Raw pay-per-view. That certainly presents booking challenges for a company that's been down this road before. 

We know how WWE feels about Lesnar. He's one of the highest paid superstars and works a limited schedule. Meanwhile, you have other talent that appears on Raw every week and wrestles at each pay-per-view. They'll miss out on title opportunities if Lesnar isn't there. And what's that do for the status of the WWE Universal Championship? 

Back to the match. What should we expect? We'll be surprised. WWE probably won't want to go with another short match unless they're running out of time. (There are a lot of matches on this card, but WrestleMania also starts in the late afternoon.) 

The internet chatter over the past couple of months is that WWE was saving Goldberg for this moment. If they can get a good 15-minute match out of these two, that's a victory. A bonus is if they actually perform well. 

Goldberg has made a lot of memories already, but there's no stage bigger than WrestleMania. If this is his last pro wrestling match, he'll want to make it one to remember. A great back-and-forth match with Lesnar would achieve that goal. 

As wrestling fans, we're often told to expect the unexpected. We should do that on Sunday. Goldberg and Lesnar will close out WrestleMania, and it could be a great battle between these two beasts.