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Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, left, will defend his title against Roman Reigns, right, at WrestleMania 31. 

WWE's biggest show of 2015 is upon us. 

Beginning at 5 p.m. Sunday, we will have live coverage of WrestleMania 31. Look for updated results throughout the night and live analysis during every match, including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship contest between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. 

David and Robert previewed all of the matches on Friday's Powerbomb Podcast. Will Sting beat Triple H? Will Undertaker make his return and defeat Bray Wyatt? Will Rusev retain the United States Championship against John Cena? And will the Divas get a respectable amount of time in the ring? We tackled all of these questions on the podcast. 


Kickoff show

WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way match: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (champions) vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. New Day

What happened: The word of the day (or night?) is mayhem. And there was a lot going on in this match. We saw Natalya lock in the sharpshooter on Torito, Jimmy Uso and Naomi teaming up for an over-the-top rope dive and a six-man tower of doom. 

The match ended when Big E was laid out in the center of the ring. Jimmy Uso sizes him up for a frog splash and hits it! But just as Jimmy Uso was about to leap, Cesaro tagged himself in. Uso goes for the pin on Big E, but Cesaro breaks it up and throws Uso to the outside. Cesaro pins Big E to get the win.


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Participants include Ryback, The Miz and Damien Mizdow

What happened: The match opens with Curtis Axel doing his AxelMania routine. He holds up everyone so he can rip his shirt off. Not everyone is amused. A bunch of superstars grab Axel and parade him around the ring before eliminating him. 

After that, Mizdow eliminated Alex Riley, Bo Dallas eliminated Zack Ryder and Big Show eliminated NXT's Hideo Itami. 

The Ascension eliminated Mark Henry, but didn't last long. Ryback eliminated both members of The Ascensio — the first of five straight eliminations by Ryback. 

Big Show had his own streak, eliminating Jack Swagger, Erick Rowan and all three members of New Day. Ryback eliminated Goldust and Cesaro dumped Kane. 

Big Show cleaned most of the house after that by eliminating Jimmy Uso, Cesaro and Ryback. 

That leaves Big Show, The Miz and Mizdow. The Miz wants Mizdow to help him fight Big Show, but Mizdow isn't budging. He keeps saying no. The Miz gets angry and starts shouting at Mizdow and poking him in the chest. Out of nowhere, Mizdow eliminates The Miz! 

The crowd loved it, but the Miz didn't. He tries to get back in the ring, but the refs are holding him back and Mizdow is taking swings at him. Referees escort Miz to the back, leaving Mizdow against Big Show. 

Mizdow tried to target Big Show's legs and almost had him eliminated. Big Show fought back, though, and eliminated Mizdow. 

WINNER: Big Show

Intercontinental Championship ladder match: Bad News Barrett (champion) vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper vs. R-Truth vs. Stardust vs. Dolph Ziggler

What happened: A lot of action in this match, which didn't steal the show, but was still very good. 

The highlights included Luke Harper powerbombing Dean Ambrose onto a ladder that was connecting the ring apron to the ringside barrier. Ambrose took a vicious bump and trainers needed to tend to him. It looked like he may have been bleeding.

Stardust also took a big bump when Bad News Barrett superplexed him from the top of the ladder. It was a big spot and Stardust folded up on impact. Yeah, he'll be sore in the morning. 

Barrett went on a roll with several bull hammers, but it quickly shifts to a Bryan-Ziggler battle for the belt. 

Bryan climbs the ladder. Ziggler makes his own ascent. They are duking it out on the top of the ladder. Bryan with a headbutt, then Ziggler with a headbutt. This repeats until they are both headbutting each other at the same time. 

Finally, one of Bryan's headbutts sends Ziggler flying from the ladder. That opens the door for Bryan, who takes a step up and grabs the belt hanging over the ring. 


Singles match: Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

Orton and Rollins get locked up early and we're underway. After some action, Orton goes for an RKO. Rollins slips out and exits the ring. Once Rollins returns, he powerbombs Orton into the corner, but Orton counters with a clothesline. 

J&J Security try to interfere. Orton catches both and hits a double hangman DDT! Mercury and Noble are both down on the outside. 

Orton is on the outside when Rollins hits a suicide dive to take Orton out. 

The match rolls on and Orton climbs to the top rope. He hits a crossbody and tries to pin Rollins. But Rollins rolls up Orton and gets a two count. 

Orton is up and hits Rollins with a hangman DDT. He's looking for the RKO. Rollins with a superkick, Orton answers with an RKO! He gets another two count.

The match ends when Rollins gains the edge and is looking for a curb stomp. He goes for the curb stomp, but Orton lifts him in the air and hits an RKO! What a tremendous RKO! He covers and gets the win. 

WINNER: Randy Orton

Singles match: Sting vs. Triple H

What happened: Check the live blog for a full recap. This was a match with a lot of action and surprise appearances. The bottom line: Members of DX came down to support Triple H, while NWO members came out to back Sting. (Weird, right?) 

The match ends when Sting attempts the Stinger Splash, but Triple H clobbers him with a sledgehammer. Triple H covers and gets the win.

WINNER: Triple H

Divas tag team match: The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee and Paige

What happened: This was a six-minute match. They deserved more time, for sure. But hey, at least they didn't cut the match, right?

Some of the highlights from this one: Paige throwing Brie into the ring steps and Paige taking out both Bella Twins with a dive off the apron. 

Nikki had a slick sequence where she dropkicked AJ and then hit a spinebuster on Paige. Nikki hits the Rack Attack on Paige. Nikki goes for the pin, but Paige kicks out. 

The match ended with Nikki clobbering AJ and AJ recovering to apply the Black Widow! Nikki taps out. AJ and Paige get the win.

WINNERS: AJ Lee and Paige

United States Championship match: Rusev (champion) vs. John Cena

What happened: Rusev hit a few good kicks and a nasty Alabama Slam. He had Cena locked in the Accolade a couple of times, but Cena was able to break the hold. 

Cena had some good offense on his end, including a springboard stunner of sorts. It was a new move from Cena and one of the highlights of the match. 

The match ends when Lana is on the ring apron distracting the official. Earlier in the match, she threw her shoes at Cena when he had Rusev in the STF. 

Cena goes over to the ref and Lana. Rusev charges at Cena and knocks Lana off the ring apron! Cena grabs Rusev and hits the AA for the win. 


Singles match: Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

What happened: Undertaker dominated early before Bray gets in a brief rally. Undertaker regains control and with Bray laying on the ring apron, hits a leg drop.

Bray gets some momentum back and attempts an odd move. He pulls Undertaker into the corner and rests his head next to the ring post. Bray then charges and attempts to slam Undertaker's head against the ring post. It looks like he does more damage to himself by tripping over the ring steps. 

Back in the ring, Bray is trying to work over Undertaker. But out of nowhere, Undertaker applies Hell's Gate! Bray fights him off. 

Undertaker is back in control. He gets Bray in position for a Tombstone Piledriver! And he hits! Goes for the cover, but Bray kicks out at 2 1/2. 

Shortly after the Tombstone, Bray comes back with Sister Abigail. Undertaker managed to kick out at 2 1/2. 

One of the highlights of the night was Bray doing his crab walk and Undertaker answering back with his sit up shtick. That was neat. 

The match ends when the Undertaker hit Bray with another Tombstone. Undertaker covers him and gets the win.

WINNER: Undertaker

WWE World Heavyweight Championship match: Brock Lesnar (champion) vs. Roman Reigns

What happened: This was one of the best WrestleMania main events in recent memory. Between what transpired in the match (check the live blog for a longer rundown) and the conclusion, it was excellent. 

The match was dominated by Lesnar, who was cut early on and added a couple more cuts throughout the match. He hit a German suplex and an F5 early on. Instead of going for the pin, he just stalked Reigns. 

There were more suplexes and a couple more F5s. Reigns had very little going for him early on, but finally picked up some momentum after smacking Lesnar into the ring post. Lesnar was cut open and blood was pouring out of his forehead. 

Reigns took advantage, hitting Superman punch after Superman punch. Lesnar tried to halt Reigns' push, but Reigns answers with a Superman punch and a couple of spears. It's not enough to get the win. 

Lesnar rallies back and hits another F5! Lesnar is down. Reigns is down. And Seth Rollins' music hits!

Rollins has the Money in the Bank briefcase and is sprinting down the aisle. He hands the briefcase to the referee and Lilian Garcia makes the announcement: Rollins is cashing in his briefcase! This is now a triple threat match!

Rollins has his sights on Lesnar after rolling Reigns out of the ring. But Lesnar makes a brief cake and has Rollins in position for an F5. Out of nowhere, Reigns spears Lesnar. Lesnar, who was holding Rollins, drops Rollins and then rolls out of the ring. 

Rollins has an opening. He hits a curb stomp on Reigns! He covers — 1, 2, 3! Rollins is your new champion!


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