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Chiropractic can strengthen body's connections

Chiropractic can strengthen body's connections


As I write this, our world is in despair over a Friday massacre that robbed us of innocent, loving people. How do we make sense of this tragedy, especially during the Christmas holiday?

I can recall my own losses and tell you none of it compares to the shock and grief that the Newtown parents are facing. Here in the Christmas season, how do we show appreciation, feel renewed and take the opportunity to give?

There is anguish when people feel too demoralized and tapped out to give. Their reserve is completely gone. Yet, on the other hand, just as many people feel too unworthy to receive. The guilt of feeling lucky while others are harmed can be very overwhelming.

We now have the ability to map the brain and track a person’s learning and memory. We know the limbic system transmits a person’s feelings of self-worth and extends from the brain into the spinal cord. We have almost discovered where the body ends and the soul begins.

So why does the population feel such a devastating disconnect? We feel disconnected from logic. We feel disconnected from others. And when it creeps into our health, we are disconnected from our bodies.

Often I see how physical pain and spiritual despair are not that far apart. An acute or chronic pain is very much like an eroding dam, barely holding back the rushing waters of an emotional event or intense anxiety.

Many bodily ailments are tied to unexpressed grief or a burdensome fear. If you think back to a previous injury or illness, regardless of its cause, you can probably recall you were in a sensitive state of mind just prior to the injury. For example, most accidents happen close to home because familiarity makes it easy to become distracted.

It is socially acceptable to focus on physical pain because others give us a reinforcement that is ironically comforting. People quickly empathize and wish you the best. But realizing a coinciding emotional tone or recurring stress can be a helpful wake-up call. I hear it when people describe their pain:

My legs won’t let me move forward. I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Thinking too much makes my head hurt. I can’t hold my head up. Someone’s betrayal stabbed me in the back. We are a stiff-necked people (straight from the Bible).

We can’t solve the world’s problems, but we can start with ourselves. Conflict and worry put a strain on health. Chiropractic can unlock the tension.

I know the mind-shift that occurs when someone gets adjusted. Science tells me brain waves return to a calmer state, but I watch someone’s posture lose its crushing heaviness. I see it in a relaxed smile. I hear it in a sigh of relief. I get to share in the tears of resolve or the tears that become cathartic.

Please visit your chiropractor’s office when life’s challenges get you down. We specialize in reconnecting.

Dr. Lisa Ann Homic can be reached at 277-1362 or



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