Back-in parking sign

Signage detailing how to reverse-angle park are posted on Genesee Street in Auburn. 

With the summer season arriving, more people may be coming to downtown Auburn, and if they want to park on a stretch of the area's main street, they will be required to back into spaces. Reverse-angle parking is in place for the downtown portion of Genesee Street from Loop Road to the Cayuga County Office Building.  

According to a pamphlet distributed by the city of Auburn, back-in angle parking "is easy as 1-2-3." When drivers find an open spot to park in, they should use a turn signal to let other motorists know they intend to park. Then, they should pull past the parking space and stop. Lastly, they should back into the parking spot at a 45-degree angle and use their side mirrors to ensure the car is between the white lines. Signs diagramming these steps have been posted along Genesee Street.

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