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It's not made of cheese, and 12 other fun moon facts

This is a big month for the moon. Friday is the 49th anniversary of the first moon landing, and on July 27 a dramatic blood moon will grace… Read more

'Would' or 'Wouldn't'? Watch Trump change his words from Putin summit

CNN's Brooke Baldwin takes a look at the juxtaposition between President Donald Trump's comments at his press conference with Vladimir Putin and Trump's clarifying statement Tuesday. Read more

Born in the USA: Having a baby is costly and confusing, even for a health policy expert

The delivery room, used for all of one minute: $7,000. Two Tylenols: $25. Lab work: $1,200. And that doesn't include the baby. Read more

Hieroglyphics and other symbols before emojis

Tuesday, July 17, is World Emoji Day because that's the date displayed in the calendar emoji. To celebrate the symbols that are ubiquitous … Read more


Auburn and Cayuga County residents find comfort, mobility, and savings with an American Standard Walk-In Tub

Call (888) 252-0208 to learn more about relieving pain, staying independent, and make bathing safer again. Save up to $1,500 on a Walk-In T…


In-home care options for Auburn and Cayuga County people

Look at local, professional care & support options for a parent, spouse or family member who needs some extra help.