Auburn Citizen - Week4

3 headsets that can take your video meetings to the next level

These headsets are all different, but they all do basically the same thing — let you take phone calls or participate in audio or video conferences through your computer. Two of them are great for music, too. Read more


The extreme parkour team whose death-defying jumps caught the attention of Hollywood

Jumping between high-rise buildings, launching themselves off cliffs and gliding across rooftops are commonplace for parkour group Storror. Read more


Child vaccinations drop amid COVID-19 fears

The number of children getting routine vaccinations has plummeted, setting the stage for what doctors fear could be a resurgence of preventable diseases. Read more


Earth Talk: A brief history of civil disobedience and environmentalism

Environmental proponents have been practicing civil disobedience in various forms for decades if not longer. Read more