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Fastest-growing black hole in universe has huge appetite, study finds

The fastest-growing black hole in the universe is 34 billion times the mass of our sun and feasts on a meal the equivalent of our sun each day, a study says. Read more


NASCAR driver's car to feature 'Trump 2020' logo for 9 races

NASCAR's Corey LaJoie drew attention when he drove a car featuring a Donald Trump decal. In nine more races his car will feature "Trump 2020" in huge letters in multiple spots. Read more


Washington Redskins undergoing 'thorough review' of team name

Experts and advocates have called the name a "dictionary-defined racial slur." Read more


From water to 'everything,' here's a look at every US president's favorite drink

Franklin Pierce earned the distinction of the drunkest president, while Abraham Lincoln was pegged the driest. Read more