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6 ways to stay healthy this winter

Take a look at these six ways to stay healthy this winter and you might manage to avoid seasonal viruses. If you do come down with somethin… Read more

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GoFundMe CEO: ‘Gigantic Gaps’ In Health System Showing Up In Crowdfunding

Fundraising for medical expenses leads this crowdfunding website and, according to its chief executive, highlights a deep national need to address the high costs of health care. Read more

Most People Know Less About GMOs Than They Think

This is your brain on heroin

Sanjay Gupta explains what happens to your brain on opiates, the key ingredient in heroin and other powerful narcotics. Read more

Syracuse VA to hold town hall to answer questions on new veterans health clinic in Auburn

The Syracuse Veterans Affairs Medical Center will hold a town hall meeting to answer veterans' questions after recently accepting a recent … Read more


With up to 7.3 million people hit by flu this season, scientists search for better vaccine

Between 6.2 million and 7.3 million people in the United States have developed the flu this season, according to data released Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more

DNA pioneer stripped of honors over 'reprehensible' race comments

A Nobel Prize-winning American scientist who co-discovered DNA has been stripped of his honorary titles at the laboratory he once led after repeating racist comments in a documentary. Read more

Must-Reads Of The Week From Brianna Labuskes

Newsletter editor Brianna Labuskes wades through hundreds of health articles from the week so you don’t have to. Read more


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America's most-searched-for phobias of 2018

From a fear heights and spiders to a fear of being alone, here are the top phobias in each state. Read more

The five most addictive substances in the world

Chances are, you've tried at least two of these addictive substances. Here's how they affect your brain. Read more

Low carb? Low fat? What the latest dieting studies tell us

Before embarking on a weight loss plan for the new year, here's a look at some of what was learned last year. Read more

This is your brain on heroin

Sanjay Gupta explains what happens to your brain on opiates, the key ingredient in heroin and other powerful narcotics. Read more

This is your brain on pain

Opioids are one of the most common ways for doctors to manage pain. But more and more people are turning to pot over pills. So what is actu… Read more

Marijuana Addiction Is Real Even If It Doesn't Affect Most Users

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Fighting the cold virus and other threats, body makes trade-off

Courtesy of Yale School of Medicine. A Yale research team has revealed how cells in different parts of the human airway vary in their response to the common cold virus. Their finding could help solve the mystery of why some people exposed to the cold virus get ill while others don't, said the researchers. Read more

Fight a denied Medicare Advantage claim

If a Medicare Advantage plan denies you coverage for medically necessary care, don't take it lying down. File an appeal, and your odds are good that the plan will overturn its decision. That's the message for consumers in a recent government report examining service and payment denials in Medicare... Read more

Fiber talk

Most people know that fiber is important, but do they really know what it is and why? Fiber is the non-digestible carbohydrate portion of food. The digestive system breaks down other carbohydrates, protein and fat for energy and growth, but it is unable to digest fiber in the small intestine. Read more


Blue Sky Science: Why is the sky blue?

When we look up to the sky, we see all the blue light that’s been scattered by the oxygen and nitrogen in our atmosphere. Read more

Photos: Grand Canyon celebrates 100 years in 2019

The first European American to reach the Grand Canyon in 1858, marveled at the astounding system of canyons and slender spires rising up fr… Read more

5 To Know for Wednesday with Nat Cardona (January 16, 2019)

You'll meet Harvard's favorite house cat on today's 5 To Know! Plus, Netflix's Marie Kondo makes book lovers angry, Jimmy Fallon zips (literally) through Puerto Rico, Netflix plans price hike, and Romeo the Frog is lonely, no more! Read more

Videos: How Arctic Blast could affect Patriots-Chiefs: Breaking down the latest in sports

Check out these videos breaking down the latest news and action in sports, including a look at how a predicted Arctic Blast could impact th… Read more