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Slideshow: See what’s hot this week in TV, movies, books and apps

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Blue Sky Science: Why do leaves change color in the fall?

The trigger for why leaves change color in the fall is day length, or more exactly the length of nights. Read more

9 essential books to inspire young activists

Activism is in the air. Kids are hearing about marches and protests, boycotts and fundraising campaigns for all kinds of causes, from local to global. And increasing numbers of children’s books are showing kids and teens how it’s done. From stories of the authors’ own activist experiences to how-to guides with tips on everything from organizing a rally to using social media to get the word out, these books offer a glimpse into the planning and passion that go into youthful activism. Read more

How 'The Naked Gun' filmed the best baseball scene in movie history

"In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened." _Vin Scully Dodger Stadium had seen its share of oddities, all right. One umpire ejected two others. A tiger mauled a baserunner sliding into second base. An outfielder tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. Only months before Kirk Gibson's home run sailed over the right-field wall and into Dodgers lore in the 1988 World ... Read more