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CM Punk vs. John Cena? Sasha Banks vs. Bayley? Top 20 WWE matches of the decade

CM Punk vs. John Cena? Sasha Banks vs. Bayley? Top 20 WWE matches of the decade

It's fairly common for wrestling fans to complain that WWE has felt the same for awhile. The matches, the feuds, the production — all of it. For someone who loves to talk about shaking things up, Vince McMahon hasn't really done so since the Attitude Era.

Or so those fans would have you believe. But when you compare the WWE of 2010 to the WWE of 2020, it becomes apparent just how much the promotion did change in the last decade. Some of that change was inevitable: Stars retiring, technology advancing. But some of it wasn't. In particular, three major forces changed WWE seismically in the middle of the decade: The rise of Daniel Bryan and The Shield, the emergence of NXT, and the development of women from Divas into superstars.

All three of those forces turned WWE into a powerhouse of wrestling. If only through the sheer volume of content it produces weekly, the promotion now delivers some of the best men's and women's matches in the world on a regular basis. And that's reflected in the composition of my top 20 matches of the decade. About 15 of those matches come from the second half of the decade, and that's only because I stretched to include a couple from the first half in the interest of being historically comprehensive. 

So, anyway, here they are: My top 20 WWE matches of the decade.

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