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Yes, a little bit, shall we say, “strange.” Perhaps “anticlimactic” would be another word to best define an article, such as this, to run so long after the beginning of the school year.

Well, my answer to this all is quite simple: It took me this long to figure out how I was going to develop this as an article, and not do so over about six different articles.

So it was decided that this month’s column would be a welcoming of sorts, again, a bit later than expected. However, with all good intentions, our newest hires within the Weedsport Central School District can be found listed below.

To these fine individuals, we welcome them into our school district’s family happily, and wish them much success throughout their time here with us. Please note that their listing is in no specific order.

The following people are now a part of our high school:

• Ann Marie Brown, high school registered nurse

• Andrew Roberts, science teacher

• Alex Veiga, music teacher

• Amy Lansbury, special education teacher

• Zachary Young, athletic director, physical education teacher and dean of students

• Brian Hill, part-time Spanish teacher

• Joan Haynes, physical education teacher, also at the elementary building

• Jennifer Gilliland, secretary to the superintendent

• Bethany Tomandl, school receptionist

• Barbara Hilts, custodial worker

• Chris Colburn, LAN tech, both buildings

• Emily Nemic and Tara Kent, recreation attendants

The following people have joined us at the elementary school:

• Peter Colucci, assistant superintendent for business and finance for the district

• Tim Cowin, principal

• Erin Crabtree and Nicole Stott, both special education teachers

• Amy Seamans, Janet Mudge and Nikki Van Loan, teacher aides

• Wayne Halstead, head of building maintenance

Within the transportation department, Joe Maloof, Georginne Barski and Carolyn Rodriguez have joined the folks who move our children safely to and from school each day.

Again, we wish these folks our very best and are glad that they have come on board!

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Lynn Cheche Baker is currently a third-grade teacher within the Weedsport Central School District and is the owner and instructor of the Successful Steps Tutoring Service in Auburn. She can be reached at (315) 253-0750.