He calls it 2.0, that being his second time as a principal with us at Weedsport Elementary School. That "he" would be Tim Cowin, and this past September, he came to join us, again.

Cowin was with us the first time for eight years. Before that, he was an assistant principal at Mexico High School, and then, an assistant principal at Ray Middle School in Baldwinsville. He also taught for 12 years in Baldwinsville. He told me, “No two days have been the same.”

When he left Weedsport the first time, he became principal of Wheeler Elementary School in the Onondaga Central School District. It is a third-through-sixth grade building with 240 students. He told me that he enjoys seeing many of his former students at their baseball and soccer games near where he lives.

Cowin happily commented to me on the fact that one of the most exciting things for him in regard to his return to Weedsport is that he was able to reconnect with faculty, staff and community members who look at our school as a centerpiece within the community.

When speaking to the significant changes that transpired during his absence, he mentioned that there is now an abundance of technology that supports the curriculum.

Additionally, he stated that the two school counselors and two psychologists spend part of their time at the elementary school — which, as he stated, creates an excellent support network for the students and families of Weedsport.

He also mentioned Mindy Ervay‘s position as the curriculum director, and her being a wonderful resource for the entire district. He explained that her position affords him the ability to focus on the building and although he is still tied in with the curriculum, he happily welcomes the support so that he can do the many things that he is called to do.

He told me that the building project that is taking place now, and will continue over the summer, is the biggest initiative we are enduring at the current time. He rightfully stated that the building needed upgrades for our students, and now we wait patiently to see how it all sorts out.

He also mentioned that he’s excited about the Smart School Bond Act funds initiative that will allow our school to afford each student one device. The possibilities will, no doubt, be limitless.

Cowin said, "The community has been very welcoming for my return. Many parents and community members have gone out of their way to welcome me back and tell me it’s good to see me here again.”

It’s hard to beat either of those sentiments, and at the near completion of his first year back, as 2.0, I very happily report that it is nice to have him back with all of us this time around. We wish him our very best!

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Lynn Cheche Baker is currently a third-grade teacher within the Weedsport Central School District and is the owner and instructor of the Successful Steps Tutoring Service in Auburn. She can be reached at (315) 253-0750.