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Thank you letter

As you might know, School Board Recognition Week is October 22 - 26, 2018. On behalf of all staff members at Cato-Meridian we want to thank our school board members for their tireless efforts to improve opportunities for our entire school community.

Above all, our School Board members serve the children of this community. School Board members make the time to serve our community. They face difficult issues and demanding challenges, some of which people do not understand. A School Board member’s job includes an endless string of meetings and school activities to attend, reading reams of reports, agendas, proposals, and other information to think about and study.

Our School Board members are tirelessly looking to grow and improve. Often they participate in professional development opportunities within Central New York or with the New York State School Boards Association.

Our School Board’s fiduciary responsibility is enormous and year after year our school district continues to score AA+ bond rating. The school board oversees our school budget of $21,360,267. Another strong indicator of success for our School Board is a very consistent school tax rate.

They charitably give themselves to guarantee that decisions about our schools are made by community members. These are challenging times for all School Boards as they face tough choices while they take on a vast array of job responsibilities. Their ultimate goal is always on the future success of our students. We applaud their willingness to serve as advocates for our school district and for the voice of the public educational system.

This week please take the time to tell a school board member how appreciative you are for their service to our community. Please thank our School Board members Mr. Mike Lees, President, Mrs. Kathy Bratt, Vice-President, Mr. Paul Byrne, Mrs. Carol Hunter, Mr. Todd Kacur, Mrs. Jenny Kyle, and Mrs. Monica Waite. These people truly make a difference.

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Dr. Terry L. Ward is superintendent of schools for the Cato-Meridian Central School District. All thank you letters are reprinted as submitted.