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The Cayuga County Health Department is celebrating the month of February, as American Heart Month, to promote winter physical activity opportunities.

If you are not headed out of town for February break and are looking for things to do as a family while the kids are off from school, why not try some of these tips:

Get outside (if there is snow)

• Build a snowman

• Go sledding or ice skating, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing

• Go for a walk or hike

• Go snowshoeing

Too cold to be outside?

• Go roller skating or bowling

• Visit a local mall and go mall walking

• Try laser tag or go to a bounce house

• Do a good deed (volunteer to help out your neighbors)

If you decide to stay home, turn off the TV

• Play hide-and-seek

• Create an obstacle course or fort

• Make a scavenger hunt

• Have kids help in the kitchen (try a new recipe)

• Yoga with the family

Be creative with your choices in activities this school break. Now is a great time of year to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Just make sure you dress appropriately and are safe!

Other ways you can stay active (stay healthy) all year include:

• Parking far away, instead of close-up

• Taking the stairs, instead of the elevator

• Trying activities like hiking, swimming, jogging

• Cooking at home, instead of going out to eat

• Trying to eat a more balanced diet (eating a new fruit or vegetable instead of an unhealthy snack)

• Taking half your restaurant meal home for lunch the next day, instead of eating the whole meal in one sitting

• Self-care (taking care of physical and mental health)

• Switching to low-fat, fat-free milk, unflavored soy or almond milk

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Deanna Ryan, M.S., is a senior public health educator with the Cayuga County Health Department.