Cooper is available for adoption from the Finger Lakes SPCA of CNY.

Every Friday, The Citizen features a pet available for adoption from the Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York.

This week, we spotlight Cooper. 

Q. Who is your best friend?

A. I have selected that beautiful girl Topanga for my BFF. And I will be her best friend forever. Even after she is adopted, which I hope is soon, she will always be in my heart.

Q. If you could have a job, what would that be?

A. Well, the husky part of me is a natural-born sled dog. So I would look for openings for that type of job. Since I'm not sure what the other parts of me are, I might have to compromise.

Q. What is your favorite treat?

A. I love bits and pieces of Pup-Peroni sticks! The shelter people and volunteers give me those when I am good, when I obey a command and when I pay attention. I think I might do just about anything for a Pup-Peroni treat!

Q. What has been your best experience?

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A. Well, my shelter people have this little pool in the play yard for us. The other day, when it was close to 90 degrees, I jumped in and just sat there for the longest time. It was wonderful and that has been my best experience since being here. I hope I get to do that a lot more often, and I hope my new family will buy one for me.

Q. Whom do you prefer, adults or children?

A. I actually have no preference as long as both are respectful, treat me with kindness and love, and promise to never give me up. That would break my heart — again.

Q. If you could visit anyplace in the world where would that be?

A. Again, since part of my heritage is husky, I think I might like to visit Siberia! I recently read that the Siberian husky was originally developed by the semi-nomadic Chuckchi people of northeastern Asia, which is Siberia. I would want to visit there, but would have to check the temperature forecast first.

Q. Do you have an interesting fact to share today?

A. I have a couple of interesting facts and I am telling you this in full disclosure mode. Two of the husky passions are digging and running, and these are behaviors that cannot be trained away. So be aware! And huskies have a strong prey drive, so I would prefer a home without cats or other small creatures. I want to be honest with you, and I hope you appreciate that.

Q. Do you have any advice for The Citizen's readers?

A. I do! My shelter people are working hard to prepare for the 15th anniversary Hogs for Dogs motorcycle ride. It will be held on Sunday, July 28, and as always, promises to be a fun ride with an awesome after-party. Plus, we have some great raffle prizes. Advance sale tickets are now available at the shelter. They are $20 through July 21; after that they are $25. So please save the date and save $5! Come and get your tickets! Thank you and love, Cooper and friends.

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