Curley's Restaurant in Auburn was the top fundraiser in the third annual Mock Shoe Sale held during March to support Multiple Sclerosis Resources of CNY.

The 3rd annual “Mock Shoe Sale” was held in the month of March. Proceeds benefit MS Resources of CNY.

10 Businesses participated and 839 (paper) high heels were sold. That’s a lot of shoes!! Almost $2500.00 was raised.

Thank you to the following businesses that participated. In winning order:

1. Curley’s

2. Tinkers

3. Belvedere

4. Moon Dog’s Lounge

5. Swifty’s

6. Empire Brewery

7. Parkers

8. Kosta’s

9. Swaby’s

10. Salon Esposito

March is MS Awareness Month. The shoe sale is a way to bring awareness of the disease and the unpredictable struggles we face daily. For me, it was my high heels. The idea of the high heels hopefully bring some understanding of the struggles we deal with just walking, let alone walking in high heels. At one time I owned 105 pair of shoes. However, as my disease progressed I realized it was better to be safe then fashionable. I no longer wear high heels, I just sell the paper kind.

A special thank you to the Citizen for the weekly reminders of the shoe sale. Thank you to the businesses, and their employees who sold shoes. Last but not least Thank you to all the people who bought shoes, I read every single name and message written on them. I can not thank you all enough. It was a tremendous sale. I walk with such pride as I live in the best community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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