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Scott Saxton watches son Zachary try out his new shoes as store employees work feverishly fitting the rest of the Waterloo quints at Nolan's.

April 17, 1994

(No paper April 16, 1994)

It was five times the fun yesterday afternoon as the Saxton "quints" went shopping for their first pairs of shoes.

The quintuplets — Philip, Anthony, Bianca, Maria and Zachary — are now 14 months old and ready for walking.

So shortly after 3 p.m., accompanied by their parents, Sandy and Scott Saxton of Waterloo, and their 3-year-old sister, Kyla, the family van — which seats eight — pulled into a parking space in front of Nolan's Shoe Store.

Then a second car, carrying a nurse's aide, two "grandmothers" and a niece, pulled in beside it.

That's how many people were needed to assist in the day's outing.

Strung out in a row of chairs in the children's shoe section, the parents and helpers each held a child while a handful of employees tended to each tiny pair of feet.

"This is their first time at a store," Scott said. "So I guess this would be considered their first shopping experience."

The proud father said, "Zach is walking without help, and Anthony and Marie are walking between furniture. Philip and Bianca are just starting out."

The quints — who weighed between 2 pounds, 7 ounces and 2 pounds, 15.5 ounces — were born 10 weeks prematurely at Strong Memorial Hospital on Feb. 13, 1993. They were the first quints born at the Rochester hospital in 12 years.

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— Compiled by David Wilcox