Polling: Noon to 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 16, at Marcellus Senior High School, 1 Mustang Hill.

Proposed budget: $34,392,500 ... +2.97 percent

Estimated tax levy: +1.98 percent

Tax cap: At cap, simple majority needed to pass

Special ballot propositions: Proposition to purchase four 30-passenger buses — two with wheelchair lifts — and one seven-passenger at a cost not to exceed $262,074; proposal for a 10-year new capital reserve fund not to exceed $5 million; Marcellus Free Library budget of $10,062, or an increase of 2 percent

School board candidates (two seats, three-year terms)

David P. Locastro

Age: 54

Family: Married with four children, ages 18, 17, 14 and 9

Residence: Marcellus

Education: Graduated from Le Moyne College, 1985, with major in biology, minors in chemistry, Latin and psychology; graduated from New York University School of Medicine, 1989

Elected office and community service experience: Major in United States Air Force, Shaw AFB, Sumter, South Carolina, 1994-1997; currently on Marcellus board of education, member of local American Legion

Top three priorities:

1. Educate the children to become productive, active citizens, and prepare them for higher learning.

2. Maintain our current buildings in a fiscally responsible manner, while at the same time upgrading them to meet current digital technology opportunities.

3. Be always cognizant that we are spending other people’s money. We should do so wisely and frugally.

Why did you decide to run for school board?

I decided to run for school board several years ago because I felt there was no common sense in how things were run. With a new superintendent, and several new board members, things are better, but I still think there is more work to be done. I also chose to run for re-election to see the building project, that we are just starting, through to the end.

Margaret Vensel

Age: 53

Family: Married with two grown children and one 17-year-old child

Residence: Skaneateles

Education: 1984 graduate University of Pittsburgh Oral Hygiene Program; bachelor's degree in dental hygiene education from California University of Pennsylvania

Elected office and community service experience: I have been a member of the Marcellus High School Site Base Team for the past seven years. Through the site base team, I have been involved in various committees including school budget advocacy, career fair, volunteer fair and assisted in numerous student activities. I also volunteer at area preschools and elementary schools to teach dental health lessons to the students.

Top three priorities:

1. First and foremost our main priority is the education of our students. Education is changing as are the requirements and expectations of the students. It is our responsibility to stay abreast of these changes and provide our students with the skills and knowledge that they need to succeed in today's world. This includes technology as well as critical thinking, problem solving skills, creativity and communication skills.

2. Which leads to the second priority of our district, which is the current capital project. It is a very exciting and challenging time at Marcellus. With the capital project starting in full swing this summer, there will be changes for the students. It will be imperative for the board, administration, staff, parents and students to work together for a smooth project.

3. It is also a priority to stay fiscally responsible to the taxpayers during this capital project and beyond. The Marcellus community has always been very supportive of the school district and in return, it is the district's responsibility to make wise and prudent decisions.

Why did you decide to run for school board?

As my youngest child is graduating from high school this year, I seek the board of education seat to continue my involvement and to positively influence the growth of our district. I am keenly aware of many of the issues and concerns of the district and I am dedicated to the education and success of the students of Marcellus.

It is important that all students have multiple opportunities to learn and grow as individuals, this includes academic and extracurricular activities. I also believe that it is important to balance the needs of the school district while keeping the tax levy in mind. I believe that the school district has cut spending in recent years to prevent raising taxes, I would like to continue working towards the goal of maintaining programs while not raising taxes.

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