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Auburn-area Babe Ruth baseball park abandoned, faces uncertain future

What began as a dream more than three decades ago is now, as former Auburn Babe Ruth League President Dick Gagliardi described it, a ghost town. 

As New York school enrollments drop, districts get creative to provide opportunities

The Ripley Central School District, tucked away in a quiet corner of Western New York State near the banks of Lake Erie, served more than 500 students in 1994. Today, only 137 students are enrolled in the district, a loss of about 73 percent.

How community grid would change commute from Auburn to Syracuse

Whether you're driving from Auburn to Syracuse for work or to attend a Syracuse University sporting event, the proposed community grid to replace Interstate 81 through central New York's largest city may change how you get to those destinations. 


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Jeremy Boyer: Our newsletters help keep you informed

In the not-too-distant past, we basically talked about news coverage being available on just three forms of media: print, radio and television. As you all know by now, those days are long gone.

Ormie King: Take me out to the Auburn ballgames

It’s great to play, always giving it your best effort! For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ball game! The baseball season is upon us, and we sure have a history of great ball players here in Auburn. Here are just a few today for your enjoyment!

Our view: State must boost maintenance funds for Arterial in Auburn

After failing to get the funding into the state budget, advocates are continuing to call on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature to raise the reimbursement rate for maintenance on state roadways — including the Arterial that runs through Auburn. We support that call to action, and we …

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