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Barren ballpark: Falcon Park sits empty with future usage unclear

Falcon Park currently sit unused due to the absence of the Doubledays, and it's unclear when Auburn's ballpark will be active again. 

On the issues: Where Balter, Katko stand on health care, police reform, Trump and more

Politics reporter Robert Harding recently published an initial series of articles detailing stances of the candidates in the New York 24th Congressional District race on specific issues. More "on the issues" articles will be added throughout the race between incumbent U.S. Rep. John Katko an…

Should Cayuga County release town-level COVID-19 data? Health director, supervisors differ

At press briefings and in daily situational updates distributed to local agencies and the press, the Cayuga County Health Department shares general information about confirmed COVID-19 cases. 


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Ormie King's latest Legends of Auburn columns

Ormie King's weekly column features the people and places that make the Auburn-area unique.

Jeremy Boyer: Helping readers separate opinion and news

"This article is just your opinion. Why don't you just report the facts?"

Schenck: We must be willing to cross bridges to move community forward

Have you ever noticed how many bridges you cross when traveling down a highway or walking from one place to another? To get from point A to point B, in many cases, they are critical. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a bridge, in part, as a structure carrying a pathway over a depression…

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