NYS Senator Pam Helming was in Auburn to honor 12 veterans from Cayuga County into the Veteran's Hall of Fame during a ceremony at city hall in Auburn. Each honoree was nominated by a friend or family member and received a certificate for their service. The 2020 honorees are: USMC Francis E. Bell, Sr. of King Ferry, USMC Bradley R. Devitt of Auburn, U.S. Army Jeffrey A. Green of Auburn, U.S. Army Paul W. Lattimore, Sr. of Auburn, U.S. Army Air Corps. Sulley J Masson of Auburn, U.S. Air Force James H Orman of Aurora, USMC Jerome Rizzo of Lansing, U.S. Army John P. Sincebaugh of Auburn, U.S. Army Stanley L Smith of Sterling, U.S. Navy Robert Lee StrohmII of Auburn, USMC Nicholas Valenti of Auburn and U.S. Army Charles S. Wilbur of King Ferry.