AUBURN — An Auburn man who had been involved in a violent robbery in January has pleaded guilty to a felony charge.  

William Vest, 29, of 110 Olympia Terrace, Auburn, pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery, a class B felony, in Cayuga County Court Tuesday. The January robbery included two other Cayuga County residents, Mia Loiacono and Dijon Starling-Harvey, who both pleaded guilty to similar charges earlier this month. 

Vest admitted to an attempt to steal money and phones from a victim. Vest, along with Starling-Harvey, had been waiting in the back seat of a vehicle for the victim to enter it on Dublin Hill Road in Ledyard. Loiacono, who had been driving the vehicle, lured the victim inside. The victim was then stabbed with a knife. Earlier this month, Starling-Harvey admitted to stabbing the victim. When he was asked by Judge Mark Fandrich Tuesday if he had also stabbed the victim, Vest said he didn't see anyone get stabbed. 

The Cayuga County Sheriff's Office previously reported that the victim knew the attackers, and that the incident stemmed from a disagreement.

Vest's plea satisfied a first-degree assault charge and another count of first-degree robbery. Although the maximum sentence for Vest is 15 years, he's looking at 3.5 years of prison time and five years of post-release supervision. He will also be ordered to pay restitution, although the amount will be determined at the time of his sentencing. 

Vest is scheduled to return to Cayuga County Court for his sentencing on Aug. 13. 

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