Auburn BOE 2-12-19

Auburn Enlarged City School District Business Official Lisa Green presents parts of the 2019-20 budget at a board of education meeting Tuesday night.

AUBURN — The Auburn Enlarged City School District reviewed the administrative and capital components of the district's 2019-20 budget on Tuesday.

Lisa Green, the district's business official, gave a presentation at a board of education meeting. She said after the meeting that in light of the district's preliminary budget deficit, the numbers could change depending on cuts.

She said that the biggest cost increase was 2.5 percent in contractual increases in staff salaries. Major incoming decreases are also set for the Employee Retirement System and Teachers Retirement System. The district is set to pay 8.86 percent for district TRS members, down from 10.62 percent for the current year, Green said. The district is also set to pay 14.6 percent for district ERS members, down from 14.9 percent. Between those two decreases, that comes to an estimated $400,000 drop. 

"That's huge," Green said after the meeting.

Another decrease is a $111,000 reduction in the budget amount in gas and electricity costs, Green said. She said that is due to energy-saving projects the district has engaged in over the years.

In other news:

• Green's contract with the school district has been extended for five more years, along with a pay increase.

An extension of Green's contract until midnight on Feb. 12, 2024, was approved at the school board meeting. Green is set to receive a pay bump, getting a $5,000 increase for the first three years and then a 3-percent boost for the last two years. She will pay up to 20 percent in health insurance, as opposed to the 18 percent she had been paying.

She has been with the district since fall 2010. District Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo praised Green before the meeting.

"She does a great job for our district," Pirozzolo said.

• The interim principal for Owasco Elementary School will be in the district until the end of the school year.

Mickie Cuevas-Post was officially appointed to the job at a school board meeting, even though she started Feb. 4. Cuevas-Post, who had previously been the principal before retiring and had been the interim principal from 2014 to 2015, is set to hold the spot until June 30. 

Owasco principal Abigail Adams-Snell was approved to be the district's director of instructional support and data, a new position, in January. Pirozzolo said Adams-Snell is currently working with Cuevas-Post and is beginning to take over some of the responsibilities of her director position. Adams-Snell will be in the director job full-time Feb. 25.

Pirozzolo said the district plans to post the listing for the principal job by late April or early June in the hopes of having a candidate by June 1 in order to start by July 1.

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