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Cayuga Community College

Cayuga Community College President Brian Durant speaks during a board of trustees meeting in Auburn Wednesday.

AUBURN — Cayuga Community College is beefing up its policies.

The college's board of trustees approved new policies at a board meeting in Auburn on Wednesday night. The committee and policies will go into effect Dec. 1

One policy was related to the Campus Safety Advisory Committee, responsible for examining and recommending changes to safety policies, security initiatives and other relevant college policies.

The committee will specifically look at current policies and procedures related to education in the campus community, including security personnel and those who advise or oversee student and security personnel, about issues including domestic violence, stalking prevention and sexual assault.

To be reviewed are policies and procedures on reporting sexual assault and interacting with sexual assault victims during an investigation, educating the college community on crime prevention and personal safety, counseling crime victims and referring complaints to the proper authorities when necessary.

Also being looked at is the medical amnesty, good Samaritan policy, meant to persuade students to get medical assistance such as drug and alcohol overdoses without being concerned about the college's judicial consequences. The college's Office of Public Safety and Office of Dean of Students endorsed the policy. 

Another policy says the college will inform incoming students about measures to prevent bias-related crimes through programs like seminars, group discussions and workshops. The programs will include information on subjects such as state penalties and campus disciplinary actions for committing bias-related crimes and campus procedures for bias-related crime.

Bias-related crimes are when someone specifically picks to commit a crime against someone because of a belief or perception regarding the victim's race, skin, color, age, gender, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.

A policy on maintaining public order establishing standards and methods for preventing and handling different disruptions on campus was approved as well.

Prohibited behaviors include injuring and threatening to injure someone else, deliberate damage to or theft of college property and misconduct against college community members. Violations could result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion for students and disciplinary action for college employees.

CCC President Brian Durant said the policies are part of the college's ongoing efforts to make sure it complies with its standards and federal and state regulations.

"In the coming months I anticipate that you'll see a number of policy recommendations either updating or just affirming what exists to just make sure that we are in compliance," Durant said.

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