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Fish Club

The rules of "Fish Club" are written on a refrigerator in a cabinet at Fair Haven State Park.

It sounds like Tyler Durden likes to do his fishing in Fair Haven.

In its Wednesday report of recent activity by environmental conservation police officers, the state Department of Environmental Conservation described an April 24 encounter between officer Mark Colesante and two fishermen at Fair Haven State Park. The fishermen, the report says, were properly licensed and had no fish.

However, the report continues, Colesante noticed two buckets behind the fishermen's cabin with several crappies. Three of them were less than 9 inches, which is the minimum size at which they can be legally kept. The fishermen told Colesante the crappies belonged to other men staying at the camp, and gave their names.

The fishermen then let Colesante look inside their cabin, where the officer found on the refrigerator a display of the rules of "Fish Club." The first rule, like that of the 1999 Brad Pitt movie "Fight Club," is "Do not talk about Fish Club." The second rule diverges a little from the movie, saying, "There is no fish club." The third is "No fish, no beer," and "rule 3.1" adds, "Until 3 p.m." The fourth is illegible.

Colesante left his business card and asked for the other men at the camp to call him when they returned. Later in the day, having not heard from them, the officer returned to the camp to find all of the Fish Club members there. One of the other members admitted to catching the crappies, the report says, at which point Colesante issued him a ticket returnable to Sterling town court.

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