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Delays plagued English language arts assessments across Cayuga County-area schools Wednesday and Thursday.

Auburn Enlarged City School District Director of Instruction Dennis Taylor and Port Byron Central School District Superintendent Neil O'Brien said the Central New York Regional Information Center — the internet provider for several state BOCES components — had connectivity problems Thursday that delayed testing for some students trying to complete the exams online. 

Taylor said the decision was made to delay sixth-grade testing Thursday morning. Instead of risking having students submit their tests only to find out that they didn't send properly and that work being erased, Taylor said, assessments have been delayed to April 17 and 18.

"We decided to alleviate the stress on our students and put them through it," Taylor said.

Sixth-grade students were meant to tackle the assessments electronically Thursday and Friday, while fifth-grade students took the assessments on Tuesday and Wednesday. Third-, fourth-, seventh- and eighth-graders in Auburn are taking paper versions of the tests.

O'Brien said that despite internet issues, each grade scheduled to take assessments in Port Byron Thursday, with the exception of the fifth-grade students, were able to take their tests. Those students will take the assessments Friday, he said.

Other assessment obstacles occurred Wednesday, as it was widely reported that some state districts experienced problems logging into the online testing system. 

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