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Republican and Democratic supervisor nominees in Fleming held off write-in challenges from each other to keep their places on the general election ballots.

Complete results from primary voting in Fleming were not posted by the Cayuga County Board of Elections until after press time on Tuesday night.

In one primary for the town supervisor position, current incumbent and Democrat Gary Searing was challenged via write-in in his party's primary. Searing received 90 votes compared with 37 write-in votes for current town board member Donald Oltz, who had already secured the Republican general election ballot line for supervisor. Oltz fended off a similar write-in challenge in a Conservative Party primary by collecting 19 votes vs. four for Searing. In a write-in contest for the Independence Party line, Searing beat Oltz 6-3.

Fleming also had town board primaries. Gerald Dudek, one of the two Democrat candidates on the November ballot, and Russell Bell, one of the two Republican candidates, were listed in a Conservative Party primary against potential write-in candidates. Bell received 17 votes and Dudek had 13, while Karen Vanliew received 11 write-in votes and Frederick Allen Jr. had two write-ins. In an Independence Party write-in primary for town board, Dudek and Allen each had three votes, Russell had two and Vanliew had one.

Allen Jr. had already secured a Democrat line and Vanliew had locked up a Republican line on the November ballot.

In other Cayuga County primary races for which results were not clear Tuesday night:

Cayuga County Legislature District 4: Incumbent Grant Kyle, who has the Democratic and Working Families line already locked for the general election, received 11 write-in votes in an Independence Party primary to defeat Republican and Conservative nominee Chris Petrus, who was listed on the ballot but received eight votes. Those two will face off in the November election to determine who represents the town of Brutus.

Cayuga County Legislature District 9: In a write-in Independence Party primary contest, Democratic nominee Kathleen Gorr received six votes, three better than runner-up Charles Ripley, who is on the Republican line for the general election. Gorr is also going to be listed on an independent ballot line called Fix Our Roads. The district includes the towns of Summerhill, Sempronius, Moravia and Niles.