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Upper pumping station at Emerson Park.

A day after reporting low levels of harmful algal boom toxins had been found in Auburn's raw water supply, the Cayuga County Health Department said follow-up testing did not detect toxins.

The information was reported after state Department of Health sent back results of samples taken Saturday morning from the water supply.

"Drinking water from the City of Auburn and the Town of Owasco remains safe to drink," the county health department said in a press release issued Saturday night.

On Friday night, the department reported Auburn’s untreated water sampled on Thursday was found to have an algae toxin level of 0.16 micrograms per liter, which was below the federal method reporting limit, meaning its value is approximate. It was also below the Environmental Protection Agency's level of 0.3 micrograms per liter for triggering a health advisory for children not to drink water.

No toxins were detected in the city's treated water at any time.

The heath department said that Auburn’s water treatment plant activated its newly installed carbon treatment system to prevent any raw water toxins from getting into the treated drinking water. On Saturday, the department said that system will continue to run throughout the weekend "out of abundance of caution."

The city of Auburn provides drinking water to residents in the city of Auburn, the towns of Aurelius, Fleming Water District 6, Throop, Mentz, Brutus, Montezuma, Sennett, Springport Water District 2, and the villages of Port Byron, Weedsport and Cayuga.

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